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Biden Collapses on Stage at Air Force Graduation

President Biden fell on stage Thursday after congratulating graduates of the Air Force Academy in Colorado — drawing gasps from the crowd as onlookers rushed to help the commander-in-chief to his feet.

Biden, 80, is the oldest-ever president and is seeking a second term in next year’s election.

The White House did not immediately comment on the president’s health, but a pool reporter relayed minutes later that he “appears to be ok.”


As Biden got to his feet, he pointed at a black sandbag on the stage, indicating that he had stumbled over the object.

Biden fell after saluting and shaking hands with the graduates. Earlier, he delivered a speech to the newest members of the Air Force and Space Force.

Biden needed directions to find the stage.

Biden has tripped or stumbled at least four times before on the steps of Air Force One — drawing embarrassing coverage and comparisons to a high-profile 1975 incident involving President Gerald Ford.

Biden would be 86 if he completes a second four-year term.

  • Keith W. says:

    Llooks to me like he just tripped over his own feet.

  • Nate says:

    The “Leader” of The Free World falls again! And again, again and again. Has anyone thought for a moment that these could be suicide attempts?

  • Bruce G Newell says:

    I’m UNSUBSCRIBING from Truth Press. Your headline is false and misleading. Biden didn’t “COLAPSE” as your headline stated he fell. He’s a bumbling idiot and to infirmed to be President but he didn’t COLAPSE. You pissed me off almost as much as that idiot Biden and the entire DNC and liberals in general piss me off.

  • avenging force says:

    As much as this dolt trips over his own words as well as the ground I dont know how anyone can think this feeble asshat is a good president. The wolves are circling around this nation we better get us a way more competant C n C then that clown or the next vote you throw down for him might cost you your life

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