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Biden Admin Just Blamed “Workers” for the Cocaine Found in the White House

As RedState previously reported, the Biden White House’s story on the cocaine incident continues to change and in the process is making things smell an awful lot like a coordinated cover-up.

So-called officials have adjusted the alleged original location of the baggie of illegal drugs four times since Sunday, with it first being discovered “near” the White House according to reports, then the White House library, then in a “work area” close to the West Wing, and now “in a cubby near the White House’s West Executive entrance” in close proximity to the Situation Room, which MSNBC noted was “near where — for example — the Vice President’s vehicle is parked.”

Considering her penchant for embarrassing both herself and the White House with nearly every public appearance she makes, it’s kind of understandable that some on Biden’s team might want to throw Kamala Harris under the bus. After all, Biden is a liability unto himself, and Harris adds a whole new dimension to that.

But in an inadvertently dramatic shift, it would appear that the groundwork is now being laid to blame random White House staffers, not anyone on Joe Biden’s or Kamala Harris’ respective administrative staffs but … “workers,” according to Biden National Security advisor Jake Sullivan, who seemed to be blaming workers for the cocaine baggie that was allegedly found near the Situation Room, which Sullivan noted during the Friday press briefing has been closed “for months” as it is under construction:

“The Situation Room is not in use and has not been in use for months, because it is currently under construction. We are using an alternate situation room in the Eisenhour Executive Office building. So the only people coming in and going out of the Sit Room in this period have been workers who are getting it ready to go.”


Though Sullivan didn’t directly blame “workers,” the insinuation is now out there – on purpose, and frankly is an insult to our intelligence considering, as former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino observed Wednesday, the White House has thorough security measures in place that would ensure that no one outside of someone who could sidestep White House security (like a family member) would be able to get drugs through.

Later in the briefing, Sullivan proclaimed that “the appropriate consequences will ensue” if it is determined that the cocaine came from someone in the White House:

Just who is Sullivan kidding here? If it’s someone in Biden’s or Harris’ respective inner circle of family and friends, we will never know – I mean, they’ve already said as much. And that goes double in the event they find out Joe Biden’s son Hunter is the cocaine culprit, especially considering his recent plea deal.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer is right to demand a briefing on the evolving situation, in the interests of both the security of the White House as well as transparency and accountability.

What remains to be seen/found out/discovered is if the truth will actually come out about the who, when, where, how, and why of this, if a Secret Service agent will be made to take the fall, or if some unidentified “worker” is declared the culprit, because as has been well-documented, the Biden White House is about as devoted to transparency and accountability as a mud pit.

  • Wyatt Earp says:

    Really Jake? What wrong ? You can’t speak the truth? I will bet that cocaine was for EVERY DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN! Maybe a few RINO AS WELL! Hunter want to celebrate for getting off easy! Oh, wait! Was that JILL COMING OUT OF THE ROOM WITH HUNTER? Look she doing the son now!

  • michael wyatt says:

    The Biden WH is really becoming a real peddler’s convention. Joe won’t let son Hunter get blamed for leaving his coke laying about because Hunter is Joe’s chief bag man for the Biden crime family’s system of hustling of hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign governments. Joe is now spreading blame for the coke around like it’s holiday confetti: first, it must be a Trump, then it’s union workers working at the WH being careless with their coke, or better yet, it must be Kamala and her border czar team’s coke. That list is still growing.
    This is emerging as a real comedy of errors as the media brings forth yet another farrago of lies to try to extricate Joe from this cocaine tar baby. Quality work being done in the WH by coked up union labor, or Border czar Kamala’s team getting new policy inspiration from their latest coke fest. Or maybe it was really left over from Joe’s WH team, planning on how they are going to usurp the 2024 election since the 2020 election contrivance was such a success. A new covid attack to keep people away from the polls, or just stay centered on “fixing” ballot counts in key swing states? That worked well twice for Obama, but Hillary, so full of herself, got careless and she failed with it. The Soros-funded Left would not let that kind of screw-up happen again and, surprise, Joe Biden floated into office on a wave of 80 million+ mystery voter ballots that the Soros-funded PACs for the Left would not let be accounted for after the fact. Demands for accountability is still being labeled as insurrectionist by the global Left.
    Unless real voters from both sides of the spectrum get serious about the voting process, and the value of their votes, this kind of corruption will destroy what’s left of a nation that was once proud of its Constitution and its functions of freedom and justice for all.
    Pay attention, voters! Use it or lose it! Honest voting, or voting will become meaningless. Putin, Mugabe, Erdogan, Peron, Amin, even Xi, all prime examples of authoritarian, one party voting systems. Don’t let that happen here! Be a citizen! Save out two-party system of govt. Competition is important! The Left’s idea of a one team Super Bowl is ridiculous! Un-American! Keep them honest! Get out and vote! It’s our legacy! Keep the counting honest! Get out and vote!

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