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Arrest Warrant Issued for Dem State Rep. Kevin Boyle

An arrest warrant was reportedly issued for Democratic Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Boyle, police said Tuesday.

The warrant comes after Boyle’s 2021 arrest and charges related to harassment and violating a protection order filed by his then-wife, who is now estranged from the representative, CBS News reported. Boyle allegedly violated this protection from abuse order by contacting his estranged wife again via text.

Boyle has represented Pennsylvania’s 172 district, located in parts of Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia, since 2011, the outlet noted. He’s in the process of campaigning for his eighth term in office.

Boyle went viral in February for appearing intoxicated at the Gaul & Co. Malt House in Rockledge, where footage appeared to catch him allegedly harassing and threatening staff at the establishment.

At one point he allegedly screamed at employees, asking them if they “know who the fuck” he was.


“I can fucking end this bar, by the way. I’ll fucking end this bar, by the way,” Boyle could be heard saying at the start of the footage. “This bar is so fucking done, by the way.” Boyle was asked to leave the bar several times, police said. He was not charged for the alleged incident.

Boyle said in 2022 that treatment for mental health issues helped save his life, CBS noted. It is unclear if he sought help following the alleged incident at the bar.

“I love Kevin, but I have serious concerns about his mental health and it breaks my heart to see him this way. I hope he gets the help he needs,” Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Matt Bradford said in a statement to CBS.

  • Ron C says:

    For a second there I thought the warrant may have been for his bribery and kickback schemes, but then I realized he was still harassing his ex-wife, blue states take that very serious!

  • wokestinks says:

    Mental health issues? NO, he’s just a violent ‘DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM! ‘ crackpot. Incidentally Boyle ,nobody knew who you were until now & but for the wrong reasons.

  • A. Michaels says:

    An arrest warrant! Now he’s a REAL democrat.

  • SammiJoCole8 says:

    What a total POS!



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