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Arizona Certifies Midterm Election Results — Kari Lake Responds

Officials in Arizona on Dec. 5 certified the results of the 2022 midterms after coercing supervisors in at least one county to certify vote tallies.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, canvassed the election and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, oversaw the ceremony, which certified Hobbs as the winner of the gubernatorial race.

Hobbs, who refused to recuse herself from overseeing the election, cracked jokes and thanked voters during the brief ceremony, which Republican Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Arizona Supreme Court Justice Robert Brutinel also attended.

“These signed and sealed documents now constitute the official canvass and results of the Nov. 8th, 2022 general election,” Hobbs said.

She and Ducey then signed the certificate finding Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) the winner in the U.S. Senate race over Republican Blake Masters.

“Because of your participation, our democratic institutions thrived,” Hobbs told voters. “Stay engaged and keep voting.”

Ducey said that he was upholding the law by participating in the ceremony and said that it recognized the votes that voters cast. He also said the certification means Arizona can move forward.

Hobbs’s office just referred two supervisors in Cochise County to Brnovich’s office for allegedly committing crimes when they refused to certify the midterm results.

Cochise County’s Board of Supervisors certified the results on Dec. 1. It was the last of 15 counties to do so. The certification came after a Nov. 28 deadline outlined in state law, on orders from a judge.

Kari Lake responds on Tucker Carlson


Hobbs is now the governor-elect and Adrian Fontes, a Democrat who used to be Maricopa County’s recorder, is the secretary of state-elect.

The margin in several races is so slim that a recount is expected to be ordered. The races are for attorney general, state superintendent, and one of the state legislative seats.

Arizona law requires recounts if the margin is within 0.5 percentage points.

Democrat Attorney General candidate Kris Mayes leads Republican Abe Hamadeh by 511 votes out of more than 2.5 million cast. Republican Tom Horne leads Democrat Kathy Hoffman by about 9,000 votes in the race for state superintendent. In the battle to represent Arizona District 13, three candidates all received between 43,558 and 47,177 votes.


Both Kari Lake, the Republican who vied with Hobbs to succeed term-limited Ducey, and Hamadeh, the Republican running to succeed Brnovich, have filed lawsuits over the election.

Lake sued Maricopa County officials on Nov. 23 over the tabulator problems, requesting a judge compel the officials to produce certain records.

Lake’s lawyers were sanctioned last week over an earlier lawsuit they had filed which the judge described as a baseless filing.

Lake’s campaign, meanwhile, said the judge, Obama-appointed U.S. Judge John Tuchi, appeared to want “to send a message.”

“The message is if you lose shut up and don’t come to court. The message is not that you lost a case or acted in bad faith,” the campaign said.

Lake has vowed to launch additional lawsuits.

Hamadeh, meanwhile, said issues in at least 15 counties led to “the unlawful denial of the franchise to certain qualified electors” and erroneous vote counts.

His suit was dismissed on Nov. 30, with a judge ruling that the suit could not be filed until after Arizona certifies the election.

Arizona law lets voters contest an election but states that such a challenge must be lodged “within five days after completion of the canvass of the election and declaration of the result thereof by the secretary of state or by the governor.”

Hobbs said Monday that the election “was conducted with transparency, accuracy, and fairness, in accordance with Arizona’s election laws and procedures.”

  • Patsy Ann Lopez De Victoria says:

    Another crooked vote.

  • ORP says:

    It appears the corruption fathered by the traitor John ‘Songbird’ McCain will continue indefinitely.

  • Geoff says:

    What has me a bit puzzled , why is it that when “glitches” happen these seem to HEAVILY favor the democrats? its much like how our bills when a glitch happens we KNOW who that favors heavily which is to those that take our money .. but there is a perfectly logical explanation for that ,we know with companies they play around with their model on how to make the most money possible from us they have control over their system and of course this would naturally favor glitches to them ..but since the democrats do not have this same sort of system to tinker with and cannot just play around with votes I suppose we must accept it as simply a strange glitch in and of itself RIGHT? smh

  • Breadwoman says:

    This is a very sad day for America, and for The People of Arizona. Corruption everywhere you look. It doesn’t take an idiot like Hobbs to know these results are phony! People don’t vote this way for Real! This is because the fraud was being ‘handled better’ this time than in 2020 when they were just going after Trump EVERYWHERE! because of his crazy landslide he unleashed on Dems! This time, they were concentrating on just ‘main’ elections in Repub. precincts, mostly just Fed. Sen and Reps., AND anyone who Trump endorsed! We all know these things because we SAW it happening! AND they tried very HARD to ‘only win by as much as it took to ‘win’, by not ‘over-stuffing’ the fake ballots, like they did in 2020 for Big guy. If you see the ‘election graphs’ in ‘real time’ as the votes were tallied, it’s AMAZING to see just how they did it! It would be WEIRD to have this much ‘control’ over ‘votes in Elections’, but Dems have been doing this so long (since Kennedy…) they’ve gotten very GOOD at corrupting our national elections and at buying ‘hardware’ that will do the job FOR them.



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