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All Hell Breaks Loose During Briefing After Karine Jean-Pierre Has Reporter Removed

Chaos broke out in the White House briefing room on Monday after Karine Jean-Pierre had a reporter removed from the room.

The multi-minute exchange between the two eventually led to another reporter jumping in to defend Jean-Pierre.

Simon Ateba, Chief White House Correspondent for Today News Africa, began to shout at the press secretary because she refused to answer his questions.

He also accused her of making a mockery of the First Amendment before being dragged out.

Jean-Pierre spends some of the clip laughing about the situation and trying to treat the reporter like a child. He isn’t having it and lights into her for only picking on certain reporters and refusing to answer basic inquiries.

That’s when professional Democrat simp, Brian Karem, jumped in to start berating Ateba for demanding transparency from the White House. Apparently, the press’ job isn’t to hold power to account, but it’s to take whatever scraps Jean-Pierre throws at them. Who knew?

The entire scene was an embarrassment. You would think the White Press Corps would stand up for freedom of speech and try to force the White House to be fair. Unfortunately, that outfit is run by far-left hacks, and while it played defender of the truth during the Trump administration, it’s now just another Democrat mouthpiece.

To make things even more pathetic, another reporter then spent his question time apologizing to Jean-Pierre and viewers at home for what had unfolded. I mean, really, imagine being that much of a lackey for state power, that you’d watch the press secretary throw a reporter out of the room and then apologize on “behalf of the press corps” to her and not your colleague who was just abused.

Compare that to the absolute outrage shown by the press corps, including Fox News, when CNN’s Jim Acosta had his credentials removed temporarily after he got physical with one of the staff members.

Things got dumber, though. Jean-Pierre then lectured the press corps about how unacceptable the blow-up was. She’s the one who won’t answer questions and had a reporter removed, but it’s everyone else’s fault.

It’s sad that this is what the American press has been reduced to. Instead of pushing the Biden administration to provide relevant information to the public, they mostly spend their time defending the lack of transparency. Was Ateba rude? Sure, but I also understand that he was fed up with the process and the favoritism being shown in the briefing room. In the end, he got his point across, and this is a bad look for a White House that already has serious credibility issues.

  • LP says:

    And the fake news media comes to her rescue once again. That’s more proof that America has no free press anymore just left wing propagandists who protect the democrats and hide the truth from the American people.

  • JJ says:

    Mr. Biden, you and your previous boss, Barack Obama, both promised in your campaigns that you would have the most transparent administration ever!! Well, you and Obama, both, have missed your mark there!! Neither of you had any intention of being transparent at all!!! You can’t be transparent when you decide to only respond to liberal media “reporters”!!! You can’t be transparent when you dodge the difficult questions!!! You have lied, yet again, to all of us!! I’m tired of my government keeping secrets from me and the rest of the American citizens!!! Shame on you!!!

  • Raymond says:

    This is what happens when you give a POS Lying LESBIAN Democrat Who Doesn’t Believe In God A Job Based On The Fact That She (?) Is A Back Lesbian Lying Democrat Who Doesn’t Believe In God and No Other Reason ! These people make me Sick and Make ALL Black People Look Bad.

  • Wes says:

    Would be amazing if no reporters or press showed up for these so called briefings. All they do is circle back. No truth to anything. Just propaganda to act like they care. Some people are so shallow and disgusting. Reminds me of the people, or cowards that beat up the girl in the school that committed suicide. She won. They lost. She is in a better place then these self centered trash. Same thing for the trash that attacked the elderly or a woman. Have to pick on someone that is physically weaker. Pathetic or stupid, lazy, satan worshipers. Your time will come. Then the kids in the school yard that try and force kids to say BLM. There are actually black people that do good. Then there are these little fairies. Get a job, help someone, or keep being the losers. To many of these in society. Walk around with their no life, but violence. They actually think they are somebody. God will say,Away from me, I never knew you.” As your soul burns in hell for eternity. Bye! Bye!

  • A. Michaels says:

    Then end the briefing, it’s nothing more than a litany of lies and half truths anyway.



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