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Alex Jones Responds to News Elon Musk Is About to Restore His X Account

On Saturday, Alex Jones asked his audience to go to Elon Musk’s X page and vote to reinstate him on the platform and praised the billionaire for “valiantly leading the fight” against the suppression of free speech rights.

In the statement, Jones said, “Elon Musk has come out and said he vehemently disagrees with things I have said in the past about that school shooting, but he is going to leave it up to the viewers and the users of X.”

He claimed that he didn’t say the things they said and that he was railroaded “like Trump,” but he hasn’t been able to respond because he hasn’t been allowed on any platforms.

Jones said, “Tucker Carlson having me on last week really broke the internet, and put this issue front and center.” He added, “People got to hear what I say versus edited sound clips.”

“If we are ever going to have free and fair elections, in this country or around the world again, we have to have free platforms,” Jones continued. “Elon Musk understands that. So he said that even though he disagrees with the stuff they made up about me, he’s open to putting me back on because of the principle.”

“You’re an absolutist for free speech Elon?” He noted. “You’re about to prove it.”

Jones closed the statement by asking his audience again to go vote on Elon Musk’s poll on X.

On Friday, Alx posted his poll after Musk said he was considering reinstating the InfoWars host. After 92 percent of the 58,497 respondents voted for allowing Jones back on the platform, Alx said, “The people have spoken. It’s time to reinstate @realalexjones.”

Musk responded to Alx with, “Ok.”

Musk posted his poll Saturday morning and with seven hours remaining 70 percent of the nearly 1.4 million respondents have voted to allow Jones back on X.

  • Zmb Grrl says:

    Progress. Now he can clear himself. Good for Musk.

  • Richard Mundy says:

    I’ve never listened to Mr. Jones’s POD cast infract what’s Infowars?

    • CM says:

      Richard, I too had never listened to Alex Jones. I listened to him on the Tucker’s X platform and found his take on things interesting.

      I would suggest you listen to him on Tucker and make up your own mind.

      If Alex Jones is able to be on X I will start following him as well.

      • Tamirose170 says:

        Same here – had only remembered his name and face from seeing him being walked into Court Rooms and faintly remember them trying to dump a ton of charges on him and then hearing they won a judgement for some astronomical amount; for emotional trauma for the parents of the Sandy Hook mass shooting. After watching that 90 minute interview, I’m going to look back and see if I can find articles written – but par for the course, I have no doubt that they manipulated the video. That would be NO different that what we saw the Jan 6 Committee do when they prosecuted all of those innocent attendees at the US Capitol. As soon as Kevin McCarthy began to release the truthful video footage, with speakers and body-worn cameras – MANY were released from Prison in D.C. They proved right there, the capacity and capability to alter actual videos with incredible skill. Now with AI (Artifical Intelligence) and computer image enhancements made easier and easier, I don’t doubt that Alex Jones’ statements on the Sandy Hook victims and that tragic days most likely was manipulated.

        He was dragged for years through the depth of hell (close to it) and has lost almost everything he worked hard for, unfairly; and after that 90 min interview, I think he deserves a fair shake from all of us; especially those who were not up-to-date with what EVIL the powers-that-be put him and his family through. I pray I live to see the END of all of this and stacks of books revealed the Whole Truth; so other societies can learn from our mistakes….. Mr. Jones seems to have an abundance of historical knowledge and access to the top level information from Think tanks, Pentagon, Political and Govt Officials. We need him on OUR side ~ our younger generations MUST learn from the mistakes and FALSE events that have happened. We all need to return to: Measure Twice-Cut Once principle. We cannot trust anyone on their word anymore; and a good number of us just weren’t raised like that with The Ten Commandments. We gave trust and loyalty to everyone UNTIL they no longer deserved it; now we need to withhold it until they EARN it.

    • Auntie Vyris® says:

      Infowars is the most influential, most accurate news organization in this galaxy. If you want to know the truth, visit Infowars.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    It must be nice to have that PULL and be re-instated, but I’m happy for Alex Jones. I posted that “4 in the above photo should be hung for treason” and was banned on “X” and they have refused to reinstate me. I can’t even remember who all was in the photo, but for me to say something like that – must have been obvious and I had heard it 10 Million times before. But I can view post, just cannot comment. I can’t express that I’m angry over what is being done and has happened to our Freedom of Speech or merely MY opinion. I didn’t wish anyone specific to die or what I see “protesters” throughout the US chanting on the National News….

    I was taught in 1976, in my American History Class during our bicentennial that those found guilty of treason were hung in America (actually until 1996). I think some of the infractions on “X” are heavy handed and pity the poor sap who merely makes a comment such as “Have him walk the plank mate-y” Apparently, when Mr. Musk purchased Twitter he granted clemency to most that had been banned; while it has been proven that our freedom of speech was hampered extensively throughout America. I wasn’t on Twitter at that time, and was still active only on Facebook. After Zuckerbergs’ involvement in the Elections was revealed, I wanted to leave and went onto Truth Social as soon as it became viable. Elon Musk should review some of the many others that are not able to participate and pay the $8/mo as some “judges” were swift & hard with justice over the past 2 years. He shelled out Billions and I’ll forever be grateful to Elon Musk for what he did purchasing what was called Twitter and exposing the Truth of our rancid government & political officials. I’d be glad to pay $100/yr to Elon Musk for him to maintain the site and our First Amendment Right!

    It will be great to watch Alex Jones on X though. I had never watched or listened to any of his shows prior to last weeks’ interview with Tucker Carlson. Alex Jones stories and how he gathers his intell is very credible – he showed his new book which every page has a link to the direct source of where he has gathered the knowledge. Bravo!

    Who would have thought that our Scientific & Term Paper writing skills would have paid off so much in the future OR the fact that we would need to provide the exact source(s) to every word and sentence we type — – geez! The Young Generation is doomed, they can’t read in cursive and have no idea on how to give supporting credits/evidence/source documents in technical writing.

    It may not be perfect right now – but America today is still better than it was in February 2021 – May 2023, when Bidens’ regime was suppressing more of our Constitutional and Healthcare Rights with his COVID virus VAX “mandates” and making our military members become scientific lab rats – – Think back 1 yr or 18 mos, Employers were terminating employees left & right, ignoring religious and medical exemptions and suppressing a large portion of our communication – – We are better today in the last year of Bidens’ reign that before – but what a drastic difference from 23 years ago, eh?

    • Auntie Vyris® says:

      Next time, just state the need for a proper jury trial and the appropriate penalty. Your comment came off as inciting violence, even if that were not your intent.

      Your problem is you’re not a violent Lefitist or “East Asian” radical extremist. Those are the only groups… oh yeah, drag queens too… who can say violent things..

  • James Leamons says:

    I was of the opinion that everyone who was banned from X was reinstated. Guess I was wrong…



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