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ABC Openly Discusses Replacing Biden After NYT Poll Shows Trump Landslide

An ABC panel on Sunday openly discussed Joe Biden stepping aside and being replaced by another Democrat after a new NYT poll shows Trump leading in 5 crucial swing states.

Joe Biden is currently lagging behind Trump in five of the six most crucial battleground states as the 2024 election approaches, according to new polls by The New York Times and Siena College.

It turns out Americans aren’t happy with persistent inflation, high gas prices, wars, illegals invading the southern border.

The New York Times poll shows Trump leading by ten points in Nevada, six in Georgia, five in Arizona, five in Michigan, and four in Pennsylvania.

Only in Wisconsin does Biden seem to maintain support, holding a slim 2-point lead.

ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos said of the new poll: “This is probably going to lead to a lot of Democrats increasing chatter that Joe Biden should step aside and make room for another Democrat.”

“Voters are just plain frustrated across the board — 76% of adults in this poll say the country is headed in the wrong direction,” Stephanopoulos said.

Associated Press executive director Julie Pace chimed in: “They don’t know who that Democrat would be right now — I don’t think that people look at Kamala Harris and feel like she is ready…”


Washington Post columnist David Ignatius recently called on Joe Biden not to run in 2024.

Ignatius said Joe Biden is just too old for a second term and his running mate Kamala Harris is highly unpopular.

“Biden would carry two big liabilities into a 2024 campaign. He would be 82 when he began a second term. According to a recent Associated Press-NORC poll, 77 percent of the public, including 69 percent of Democrats, think he’s too old to be effective for four more years. Biden’s age isn’t just a Fox News trope; it’s been the subject of dinner-table conversations across America this summer,” Ignatius wrote.

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough agreed with Ignatius and said every single Democrat privately tells him Biden is too old.

“Everybody, we talk to, every political discussion, all it talks a lot about Trump, but when it comes to Joe Biden, people say, ‘Man, he’s too old to run. He’s, and I mean, he’s not going to; he’s not really going to run.’”

“When I say every discussion, I don’t mean 99% of the discussions. Every discussion,” Scarborough added.

  • Grant says:

    Why would 82 be considered too old by the Democrats for Biden to continue running in 2024? He isn’t the one pulling the strings even now, it would still be the elitist satanists behind him on all decision making, Biden is merely a puppet. Have they not realized that by now? Wow!!! They’re a real dense group on that side aren’t they?

  • Adam Young says:

    Anyone smarter than a 5yh grader can see that Joker Bribedone is a DEMented cripple who can’t walk. His expiration will be a blessing to America.
    And after him, let pelosi exit. Time to clean the Dem swamp.

  • Regina Rassi says:

    President Trump was the true winner of the 20/20 election! It was stolen by the Democrats! And look where it got us. They had to cheat to create their sick narrative, while President Trump had the true number of votes to win, but the Dems high jacked the election! They are so terrified of him winning because he isn’t part of their deep state tactics and plays fair. He was a fantastic President, and our country was in excellent shape because of his policies, but old Grandpa Joe destroyed all of the things President Trump accomplished! Joe needs an article 25 impeachment!!! Our country needs President Trump more than ever!!!!

  • They want to replace Biden because they know they can’t create enough fake ballots for him to win So now they want someone else to cheat for These people are so ignorant they can’t understand that Biden has made it bad on everyone with exception of a few elites There is no one that the democrats have that can run the country properly That is what is happening now we see that Obama is calling the shots it is just more of his failed plans We are taking the middle class and squashing it I will say thins we are in trouble and without a President that knows how to get us back in some sense of working order and get our head off the chopping block These welfare people better learn a trade in a hurry because if we go down there will be no money for you So you should listen to both sides or they think they are solid in the system Thanks good however when the system is broke that is what you will get paid with Nothing You should all thank Biden for what he has done for us I hope you will not look at Gavin Newsom He has inflicted a knock out blow to fast food by making their pay starting at 20 per hour So there is no way for them to stay in business No one is going to taco Bell for the same price they can have a nice sit down dinner They need to make more money So does everyone but you don’t see them wrecking the fast food industry and how many are going to making nothing then These places were not meant to be for the family head They are like any other place a good deal for young kids going to school a good deal for the management and a good deal for the customers Thanks Gavi

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