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ABC Host Shocked by What Post Trump Indictment Polls Show About Potential Biden Matchup

ABC’s Jonathan Karl appeared shocked on Sunday by a poll conducted after the indictment of former president Donald Trump that put him just slightly behind President Biden in a potential 2024 rematch.

“A poll from Quinnipiac on a [a] possible Biden/Trump matchup puts Biden at 48%, Trump at 44%. This is a poll, again, taken largely after the indictment. I mean, that’s going to make you – that’s within the margin of error. That’s a statistical tie,” Karl said.

He asked the panelists, “what does that say about Biden if he’s barely beating” Trump?

Donna Brazile, former chair of the DNC, said the poll showed the country is “very divided.”

“It says the country is very divided. The country is really looking to get beyond 2020. It says a lot about where we are as a nation, and not where we are in terms of whose personally popular at this time,” she said.

She went on to argue that Biden had a “remarkable story to tell.”

“I don’t know why anybody should go around talking about Donald Trump when you’ve created 13 million jobs, when you’ve got 35,000 projects all over the country invested in America, rural America to urban America. I don’t know if anyone should spend all their time talking about a former president who’s been indicted and faced more charges when you talk about what you are doing to help the American people lower prescription drug prices,” she said.

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan noted that both Biden and Trump had low approval ratings and that a majority of the country did not want either to run for re-election.

The Quinnipiac poll released on Wednesday found that Biden leads Trump 48 to 44 percent.

Another poll conducted after the indictment found that almost half of the country supports the indictment and that 47% of Americans think charges against Trump are politically motivated.

Hogan also weighed in on the possibility of a third-party candidate and argued that, while it sounds “crazy,” it might be possible due to Biden and Trump’s unpopularity.

“Never before in history, have I seen a time where this might be possible – and it’s possible,” he said.

Brazile argued that Americans want “change” and “stability” and suggested that might be what No Labels, a centrist group that hopes to help launch a third-party candidate in 2024, was about.

“They definitely want stability, but Joe Biden and Donald Trump are not ‘change,’” Hogan argued.

Trump pleaded not guilty in a federal court on Tuesday to 37 federal felony counts stemming from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into his alleged improper retention of classified records at Mar-a-Lago.

  • Slim says:

    Poll, like all others are a pack of lies being pushed.

  • Sam says:

    The poll must have been taken in the Senate bathroom

  • EZ says:

    Dreamers,, you stupid little dreamers, can you shove your head up your ass, OH YEH!

  • JJ says:

    Why does anyone trust polling anymore?? There are so many variables that are undisclosed but important to know but we are never told about those!! Polls can be as corrupt as the Democrat Party!!!

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