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Abbott to Sign Legislation Allowing Texas State Police to Arrest, Deport Illegals

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign a Texas-sized challenge to the Biden administration that would give the state the legal right to deport illegal immigrants.

Last week, the Republican-majority state Legislature gave final approval to a bill that responds to the vast number of illegal immigrants crossing the Southern border, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Federal numbers show that 188,778 illegal immigrants were arrested in October, a dip from the 218,763 arrested in September, according to the Associated Press.

“Thank you to Rep. @JaceyJetton & Rep. @DavidSpillerTX for leading the effort to pass Senate Bill 3 & Senate Bill 4 in the Texas House. I look forward to working with both chambers to get these priorities across the finish line. Texas won’t wait on Biden to secure the border,” Abbott posted on X.

The legislation gives illegal immigrants who are arrested by state and local authorities a choice — remain in Texas within the confines of a prison for up to 20 years, or accept deportation to Mexico.

According to Texas law, illegal immigrants face a misdemeanor charge for being in the state, and then a felony charge if they refuse deportation.

Republican state Rep. David Spiller called the bill “a landmark bill that allows Texans to protect Texas.”

“It’s a humane, logical and efficient approach to a problem created and fostered by the Biden administration’s failure and refusal to secure our border,” Spiller said.

“There’s nothing unfair about ordering someone back from where they came if they arrived here illegally,” he said.

Mexico sees things differently and issued a statement opposing “any measure that allows state or local authorities to detain and return nationals or foreigners to Mexican territory,” according to the Houston Chronicle.

The statement called the bill an “anti-immigrant” law that “will result in family separation, racial discrimination and profiling.”

Mexico “respectfully expresses its legitimate right to protect the rights of its nationals in the United States, as well as to establish its own immigration policies into its territory,” the statement said.

Implementation is not likely to take place any time soon, because the bill is a challenge to precedent, as noted by National Review.

The most recent Supreme Court ruling on the issue, Arizona v. U.S., says the federal government has the sole power to deport illegal immigrants.

  • Golda Standard says:

    This is truly ridiculous. The USA is not improving itself by allowing illiterates from third world nations to move in and demand better temporary quarters, free food, etc. This is not pre-industrial America that needs human conveyor belts unloading raw materials from trains or 12 million farm workers with the farm machinery available today. Can’t blame Texas for trying.

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