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18-Inch Pipe Bomb Found Behind Catholic Church in Philadelphia

An apparent homemade pipe bomb was found behind a Catholic church Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia, according to police.

The 18-inch PVC pipe bomb was spotted by a passerby at about 1:40 p.m. at the St. Dominic Catholic Church, Fox News reported, citing local authorities.

The device had capped ends and an unknown black powder on it, according to the report.

Nearby streets were blocked off as the city’s bomb squad rushed to the scene, the outlet reported.

The bomb was safely taken from the Holmesburg section of the city to bomb squad headquarters. No injuries were reported, police said.

  • EZ says:

    Wow, 18″??? Looks like my junk mail folder trying to sell me shit that will give me a monkey dick (African Manhood). Doesn’t matter how big the pipe is, it all depends on the pipe and what was in it.1st off an idiot amateur made it if it was pvc and gun powder, all that would have done is trimmed the grass with plastic shards behind that stone church. 2nd it was capped off without a detonator or even a fuse mentioned, only way that thing would have blown is putting it in a fire and if I’m not wrong, pvc melts so it wouldn’t have made much of an impact that way either… MOVE ON TO THE NEXT SCARE TACTIC! F#CKIN CLOWNS

  • MartyAnn says:

    The attack on Christianity world wide has been left conveniently out of the press- mass murders in third world countries are attributed to land and water disputes -murder of clergy attributed to thieves. Now it’s here and will advance like wildfire. They decreased attendance in churches by fifty percent with Covid lockdowns while permitting Home Depot and Walmart and other big box stores to remain open. They arrested clergy who held open air services in the parking lots .
    There is no lie too big, no evil they will not commit .They chose which system of belief fits their plan for world domination and it’s not the one that resulted in recognizing all mankind have inalienable rights .



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