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17-Year-Old LI High School Football Player on Life Support After Collapsing on Field

A high school football player from Long Island is on life support after reportedly collapsing during conditioning drills at Newfield High School earlier this week.

Robert Bush, 17, of Selden, had only been on the field for about four minutes before he bent over, then passed out due to a “cardiac event” at about 5 p.m. on Monday, his older brother, Steve Bush, told Newsday.

Despite the efforts of his coaches — who performed CPR and shocked him with a defibrillator — and the emergency medical teams who rushed him to Stony Brook University Hospital, Bush went without blood or oxygen to his brain for at least 45 minutes.

“There’s no more brain function,” his brother said Thursday, adding that the teen is on life support.

“We are dealing with the end right now.”

Although it’s not clear why Bush collapsed, his family said he might have had a hereditary condition that thickens the walls of the heart’s left ventricle, according to Newsday.

Over time, this stops the heart from getting or pumping enough blood during each heartbeat.

But the teen never showed signs of having a heart condition, his family told the outlet.

Bush had joined the football team to improve his health and conditioning, his brother said.

Although he wasn’t naturally talented, he’d made great strides in his mission to play varsity ball.

“He’s a shorter kid, so we always told him, ‘You’re like the Rudy,” Steve said, referencing the famous 1993 movie about a college walk-on whose lifelong dream is to play for Notre Dame.

Bush’s parents, Robert and Patricia, adopted him when he was a baby and brought them into their sprawling family.

The couple had fostered more than 300 children, and Bush has 10 siblings whose ages range from 16 to 56 years old, according to his brother.

Patricia Bush died of cancer in 2017, and his father is dealing with severe medical issues that have left the family to fend for themselves.

Chris Bush, another brother, told Newsday that he more or less raised Robert and taught him to play football.

“He was always trying to get better and better because he was never a tall guy,” Chris said.

“But he’s got the motivation of 50 guys. He’s always trying to make himself better.”

Meanwhile, Steve Bush is left lamenting the life his brother will likely never have.

“He was just like all his older siblings,” he said.

“He wanted to get married. He wanted to have kids like all of us. So, as you can tell, knowing where he was in his life and how far he’s taken it just in the last two years, it’s killing us.”

  • Peggy says:

    All high school athletes must get a physical before playing any sports. If there had been a hereditary heart defect he wouldn’t have been allowed to play.
    Someone is refusing to put “va666ine injury” on the death certificate!!!

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    A few months ago you’d read or hear about an isolated incident, where a teenager, or persons in the 20-37 years of age, (and w/ NO negative medical history), would be experiencing unusual symptoms, totally uncharacteristic for them. In some, they would find blood clots, some got very sick, and some died. Then, a few weeks ago, examples of the effects of these ‘death shots’ (which were mandated by governments, world-wide), were starting to snowball, to dozens of incidents each day. Now, we’re experiencing HUNDREDS of cases daily just in the U.S..


    They’re killing us w/ the (purposeful) release of the COVID-19 virus, the lockdowns, the masks, the mandated vaccines, the ‘boosters’, even the COVID test kits have been found to have harmful chemicals…and the ‘clincher’: What the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were spewing at the advent of the vaccine mandates – is true: IT IRREPARABLY CHANGES YOUR DNA.
    The Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology found that the gene-editing COVID-19 vaccination shots tend to cause, “neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis.” Another report published by The Lancet in February 2022 that found it causes “risk of infection, elongated hospitalization, and many times death up to 9 months after a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.”
    In other words, the first shot COMPROMISES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, and every shot after that DOUBLES YOUR CHANCES FOR DEATH.

    Recently, there are numerous reports of several embalmers across the United States now noticing “fibrous” and “rubbery clots” inside corpses they prepare. They never saw anything like this until sometime after the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent vaccines and boosters. Prior to 2020, 2021, they all stated they probably would see somewhere between 5-10% of the bodies [having] blood clots. Now 50-70% of the bodies have them. These clots have a rubbery feeling and are very long as they exit the veins used during the embalming procedure. They appear like earthworms. They also noticed these same corpses were extremely deficient in potassium, magnesium, and zinc. According to cardiologist Dr. Wade Hamilton “The fact that the magnesium, potassium, and zinc are very low in the samples could suggest that they are not the usual post-mortem clots, that in fact THERE WAS NO BLOOD FLOW IN THESE VESSELS”. Richard Hirschman, a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Alabama agrees w/ several of his colleagues across the nation, in that the cause of the blood clots’ origin is from the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.


    Thousands around the world have died from inoculations mandated by global elites. and facilitated through country regimes. It’s time for every conservative, patriotic millionaire in this country, (and others who believe in freedom), to pool their resources, escrow a BILLION dollars, hire the best, international assassins money can buy, and (starting w/ George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Pope Fauci, Obummer, and the Clintons), KILL the top 1000 global elites responsible for this INSANITY – DONE. Anything less, expect more of the same (and to get worse).

    The global elites are in full-gear w/ their NWO agenda. Within 2 years, 80% of EVERYONE who has taken the vaccine WILL BE DEAD – and that includes our military. That’s when China will make its move (through the United Nations), to invade America. Sounds crazy? Think about this: Did you even DREAM what you’re going through today – only 4 short years ago?

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