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11 Protesters Arrested in Bernie Sanders’ Office

Almost a dozen left-wing activists were arrested on Wednesday at the office of independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont while protesting the country’s ongoing funding of the war in Ukraine.

Many of them were from the feminist organization Code Pink, the group reported.

In a video shared by Code Pink, one of its members was holding a sign that quoted the senator’s prior opinions of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Sanders put out a lengthy statement in February of last year in which he shared his reservations about aiding Ukraine in another endless war.

It said in part: “We must vigorously support diplomatic efforts to deescalate this crisis and reaffirm Ukrainian independence and sovereignty. And we must make clear that Putin and his gang of oligarchs will face major consequences should he continue down the current path.

“At the same time, we must never forget the horrors that a war in the region would cause and must work hard to achieve a realistic and mutually agreeable resolution — one that is acceptable to Ukraine, Russia, the United States and our European allies — and that prevents what could be the worst European war in over 75 years.”

The war in Europe has dragged on for the 20 months since Sanders called for a “mutually agreeable resolution” to the conflict.

In another video shared by Code Pink, activists involved in the sit-in were being arrested by Capitol Police officers.

One of them stated, “Bernie Sanders had me arrested for holding up his own quote.”

Code Pink said on its website that one of the people arrested was an 89-year-old woman.

The group said 50 people participated in the protest, including many of Sanders’ constituents and one resident of Burlington, Vermont, where the senator was once the mayor.

“We need Bernie to provide leadership to put a stop to the U.S. funding of the Ukraine war now. Use the money for healthcare, not warfare,” James Marc Leas of Burlington said.

As The Washington Post noted, Sanders initially said he was alarmed by calls for the U.S. to involve itself in European conflicts and called for a legislative solution.

In recent months, the senator has changed his tune.

“We should always have a debate,” Sander told The New York Times last May. “But the problem is that Ukraine is in the middle of a very intense war right now. I think every day counts, and I think we have to respond as strongly and vigorously as we can.”

  • Rick says:

    Kind of funny how the leftist support a country that fought for the nazis. While calling their political opponents nazi scum. Not exactly the most intelligent group.

  • Steve says:

    There is a special place in HELL for politicians. Berine has his own room.

  • kronik says:

    and what was Bernie’s opinion when the Blobama administration instigated the coup in 2014, in Ukraine, which is why there’s a problem there today. regime change at the hands of the true terrorists of the world: the US government. does Bernie approve of the neo-Nazis who are causing chaos in Ukraine today?

  • Sherry says:

    Bernie Sanders is for wars! He’s a Socialist from Hitler days and so isn’t George Soros. So many corrupted and evil demorats and Rino. Selling America and American’s Security out.for their treasonous acts. Stay a alert! American’s borders have been wide open for three years now. Ukraine is a Deeply corrupted has been for year’s from most countries governments.! America’s government officials also! Killary Clinton and Adam shit and obos and John Kerry and Biden’s ++ all have Corrupted deals going on in Ukraine. If Only the Constitutional Law’s implementations were Up Held on TREASONOUS ACTS committed against America and American’s Security.

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