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Tucker Carlson: What Really Happened to the Nord Stream Pipeline?

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  • Larry says:

    It is my understanding that the Nord Stream pipeline is currently shut down and has been for some time. Yes, natural gas is leaking but it is only gas that was already in the pipeline.

    • Vicky Allen says:

      Doesn’t matter if it was shutdown or not the fact that natural gas is escaping into the ocean harming or killing sea creatures not to mention that it’s also being released into the air with the bubbling of the water.

    • Rita says:

      It wasn’t shut down it was running at 20% capacity.

  • June E Vendetti says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if our government DID sabotage NS2! Evil does what evil is! When you walk away from God, you leave the door wide open for the Devil to enter! And that’s what the Democrats & RINOs have done!

  • SwiftJustice says:

    Joe Biden and the entire Globalist Democrat Nazis, with their CIA, FBI, DHS Unconstitutional satanist thugs, need to DIE BY EXECUTION – for Sedition, Subversion, Treason and Murder.

  • Vicky Allen says: › wiki › Nord_Stream
    Nord Stream – Wikipedia
    The first line of Nord Stream 2 was completed in June 2021, and the second line was completed in September 2021. Nord Stream 1 gave Nord Stream a total annual capacity of 55 billion m 3 (1.9 trillion cu ft) of gas, and the construction of Nord Stream 2 would double this. [8] [9] [10]

    Little information that I didn’t know

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