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Tucker Carlson: Transgenderism Is the Most Dangerous Extremist Movement in the United States

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  • Okie Women says:

    I HOPE this GIRL WINS this and this stupid MAN gets kicked OUT!

  • Okie Women says:


  • mtman2 says:

    Jesus = “The One True Living God” in the flesh die for us;
    the delusionally serial killer 28yr old woman is a murderer…!

  • WapitiHunter says:

    Transgender is a non-word. There is no such animal. They do not exhist. Surgery can not transform a man into a fully function woman nor can it transform a woman into a fully functional man. God created us equal but different. No man could live through childbirth! One’s immagination doesn’t change your sex. This si the work of Satin. He likes to divide and conquer. Everything is upsidedown and backwards. It is so sick to dollow Satin and turn from God. You can easily see the hatred and violence he spreads.

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