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Tucker Carlson: This Lie Could Get Millions of Americans Killed

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  • Willie Lee says:

    Find out the unnamed intel guy who dumped this manufactured lie and hang him out to dry.

  • Barbara Douglas says:

    The unknown “intelligence” (or possibly the unintelligence) source would have to be Zelensky! After all he was an unknown guy in black leather tights before skyrocketing to fame as “Czar of Ukraine”! And he’s benefiting the most from all this misinformation! Right? So mystery solved! Oh, and while we’re hopping around in misinformation… I just had a hot tip it was Biden that gave the launch order to the Ukrainian idiots to fire it at Poland! He needed a quick bail out for Hunter again, 50% of that 37 billion went to China!

  • Juan says:

    The sooner the Russians capture Zelensky and torture him for information on corruption, crimes and Bio Labs between the Ukrain and the United States then Publicly release’s the information so the world sees the truth and Republicans can go after the Democrats and Weaponized Agencies involved the war will be over and some of the Dem Traitors can be held accountable.

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