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Tucker Carlson: This Is the State of International Women’s Day

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  • Alberto Gonzales says:

    Gee whiz! I am the first “commenter person” regarding this. Yep, a “commenter person”. I don’t identify as a “birthing person” because being a “commenter person” is far more interesting than being a “birthing person” or, God forbid, an “impotent person”. Oh Lord, I am done with this. Yep. I am an “old person” and all this “person stuff” is just stupid. On another matter and more importantly, Tucker Carlson is just one heck of a “classy person”! A great segment, Tucker!

  • Crash says:

    There is no such animal as a transgender! YOU CAN’T CHANGE YOUR SEX! That’s it and that’s all. SO tired of this stupid crap!

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