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Tucker Carlson: This Is the Boldest Election Interference Ever Attempted

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  • mspidge says:

    All of this is nothing but BS!!

  • Barrett Haynes says:

    Michael Obama is demonical.

  • Katydid says:

    The Democratic Party is demonic and all have sold their souls to the devil. I have never seen more evilness than I have in the last 7 years, as well as soooo many stupid Americans that fall for the lame excuses of the Democratic Party. They could care two shits about any of us. President Trump is the only President and ONLY person who has ever fought so hard for this country. He doesn’t even have to when he could live a nice life and forget all about politics, but NOOOOO he cares enough to want to bring down the DEEP STATE. Who else would or could do that???? NO ONE!!!!! DeSantis is good for 2028, but should back Trump for 2024. Besides, Floridians just voted him in as Governor. He is really, really good on a state level, BUT internationally he has NO experience. Let him be VP and Trump be his mentor then slip right on in in 2028. If DeSantis runs no respect will come from this family. President Trump did more for this country than any other President EVER and the Democrats just can’t stand it. He’s in their way and they want to crucify him, but he he keeps getting stronger. Think about the future of your children and grandchildren. Do you want them to live under a socialist/communist government???? I DON’T!!!!!!

  • Tressa says:

    I am still voting for Mr. Trump! Can’t wait until we get veggie joe for all the corruption he has committed now and in the past! Sad that a million trees will be made in to paper just for his criminal cases!

  • Bluewren says:

    Well I know I am skeptical my question is why did not the GOP put up a greater objection to the court and those in charge of this trumped up charge?Excuse the pun. Ok. you tell me why not because I do not believe the GOP want Donald J Trump either! In fact I think both sides are complicit basically because they want a less divisive President?

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