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Tucker Carlson: This Is an Extraordinary Amount of Lying

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  • AllNotWell says:

    Well, there have been enough deaths in the Social Security age group so Biden’s Regime is offering a 8.6percent raise to the remainer of Social Security recipents. So how dare we nonvaccers not submit ourselves to their disabling killer jabs? I have lost my daddy and several good friends and have other friends disabled by their jabs. Informed consent be dammed by the Biden regime. Your health being natural immune after getting a virus and living through the illness using doctor recommended medical interventions that were censored from the public eyes is a crime for which you can lose your livelihood. Science perverted to only give the politically correct conclusions. Doctors licenses to practice threatened and removed if they really wanted to keep their patients alive and well. BidenFlation — The rising cost of voting stupid….

  • Joe Biden says:

    Looks like winner in bull dog contest.

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