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Tucker Carlson: They Want to Take Out Trump

  • Deborah says:

    DJT has been loyal to America and all of Americas people. The truth about this administration is out there so what will it take to make something happen? Arrest Soros arrest Obama arrest Clinton’s arrest all of them for treasonous plans against this country! It’s clear and simple they are selling out this country to our enemies. So exactly what do they think will happen TO THEM when the enemy no longer needs them? They will get all their money they pd these traitors then dispose of them! Morons!!!

    • Jerome Teresa McCluskey says:

      They will fudge if not really the law to take out Trump,.I an not partial to how Trump speaks and he had no right to go after DeSantis,in that he sounded like a politician.which he isn’t…THAT SAID HE HAS MY VOTE BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT OUR COUNTRY and that counts for me,.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    These NIGGERS who now run NYC think they’re going to threaten us w/ jail, (or worse)?! REALLY?! Do they even know who they’re dealing with? They’re dealing w/ the people they’ve been calling ‘racists’ for DECADES, now…and you know what? WE ARE RACISTS. WE DON’T LIKE NIGGERS. IF YOU THREATEN US – WE WILL KILL YOU!!!



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