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Tucker Carlson: There Is No Coming Back from the Trump Indictment

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  • cliff says:

    Another useless, endless, taxpayer money and time wasting WITCH HUNT to BRIBE A “D.A”, (illegal on it’s own) in order to “silence” a “political opponent” that was .”BOUGHT and PAID FOR” BY SOROS , the DNC and other members of the “deep state wealthy elite CABAL”.
    This is a “common tactic” used by COMMUNIST, and “third-world” countries. People should be aware that there is a “slush fund” of TAXPAYER DOLLARS in CON-gress, designated to pay “hush money” to people that congress people got “caught” doing what PRESIDENT TRUMP “SUPPOSEDLY” DID that has been used many, many times in the past.
    If this miscarriage of s-called justice “flies”, it will set a “precedent”, and make it “open season”, for “officials”, to GO AFTER SCUMBAGS like biden, clinton, obama, hitlery, piglosi, schumer, and a GAGGLE of others, in “government”, that have done much worse things, ignored the constitution and and broken more LAWS than can be counted.

    • fukliberals says:

      ” The tree of Liberty must be Refreshed from Time to Time with the BLOOD of Patriots and TYRANTS ” .. Thomas Jefferson. “FJB” !! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !! “FJB” !!

  • southersgolfer says:

    This is how corrupt our justice system is. Here is a D.A. funded by George Soros, a former Nazi. So Bragg, being who he is and turned N.Y. upside down, is going after Trump for something that he allegedly did back in 2006 and they drudged it up when he was running to smear him for a so called bribe to keep Stormy quiet. This is just a waste of time. I hope that when all of this is done and Trump gets in, he goes from top to bottom of our justice system and and certain “other people” and throws all of these scumbags in GITMO. This is just getting totally rediculous and these people are getting away with it with no repercussions.

    • Colin Kovacs says:

      Absolutely correct. The only “threats to democracy” are the malignant cancer that is the democrats.

  • I welcome a 2nd civil war. Beats the hell out of waiting to be thrown in the gulag.

  • Colin Kovacs says:

    Alvin Bragg should be drawn and quartered. Of course, while he’s still alive. He should suffer the appropriate punishment, and feel the pain of treason.

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