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Tucker Carlson: The Truth of What Happened on Jan. 6 is Still Unknown

  • Stephen Russell says:

    More Omission of evidence day 1 from J6, more lies

  • Dan Harms says:

    Interesting editorial and well done too that’s the bottom line with radicals is to create a false image of reality and then enforce and reinforce it with lies that APPEAR to be true about this false reality. Most people are totally unaware of this false reality as I was for most of my life I was rebelling against it for the longest time because what they told me didn’t jive with how I understood reality. Not only that what they did and the results of what they believed would improve life did the exact opposite. I was furious and confused as to why they would tell you something that isn’t true and when the evidence comes in that proves it doesn’t work they insist that it does. When you are unaware of the political con game going on it’s extremely hard to believe what you are being told especially when you are trying to understand reality and then have “authority” figures tell you something completely false. What you’re seeing with the 1/6 committee is this writ large as you were saying that if they lie a big enough lie often enough people will believe it that is what they base their whole agenda to achieve political power is the lie. It’s all they got and it’s the only way to achieve political power so you can corrupt it and use it against people instead of for them. It’s all part of the idea that has been around a long time that is if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth. That’s only partly true that will happen if there is no one speaking the truth and exposing the hidden truth the lies are trying to hide. It still has too much power and influence on too many people whose thinking isn’t strongly enough in the reality of their own lives and the world’s. It’s also characteristic of the irrational side of the mind because the world is dual in nature because the energy that created the world is dual it also creates the rational and the irrational mind in all of us. When I hear you saying that the radical Democrats are doing something that makes no sense what you ae seeing is their attempt to make their irrational thoughts and ideas appear to be rational. That’s where the lying comes in and that’s what they are constantly doing to all of us so that we become trapped in the irrational. Part of what they do to trap us is to fill us with irrational (false) fears, hates, and paranoia of people, institutions, groups, etc. They are constantly exploiting our ignorance in order to convince us the lies they are telling us are true and, as I’ve said before, they use lies because they can control it. I’m hearing a lot from commentators about how they can’t seem to see that their actions are working against them and they can’t change their minds. Not true at all they are fully aware of what they are doing they just won’t do it the lie has given them control over a lot of people’s lives and they will never give up that kind of control. So if the old lies are not working then you have to create new, bigger, and better lies to further disturb, frighten, and teach us to hate innocent people who have done nothing wrong. In the eyes of the radical that is the perfect patsy for their lies because when that person claims it’s wrong that they never did what they are being accused of then they come back saying the person is in denial. The whole 1/6 committee is all about that as you have pointed out beautifully the lies about the 5 police officers is a classic example of how they use the reality of a situation and warp and twist it to fit into their false reality that they try to convince us true. They work on the idea of creating such HUGE lies that they overwhelm a person’s emotions and fills them with disgust, fear, hate, and shock that anyone could do something like that. It’s “sort of” a bigger version of the Hollywood tabloids coming up with one false story about celebrities after another. While that is “sort of” harmless when it’s taken to the more serious level of politics and framing laws that work against our better interests for one and for another actually work to destroy the country from within then it’s not something we can afford to dismiss or ignore. It’s extremely dangerous to all civilized human being and extremely favorable to a countries most sadistic and violent criminals and when that happens it does not take long for a so called “civilized” country to collapse. When that happens then everyone is standing around scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened and why and if you understood the radicals and the political con game they use you will very easily see why a civilization collapses. It’s because of the political control the radicals have over politics and how they use politics to destroy a country from within and everyone is standing around thinking the legislation being passed will help. But it’s not that’s the propaganda of the radicals to cover up the truth of legislation designed to destroy a country from within. I’ve also been seeing, for a long time now, that what they are doing is stupid, crazy, naive, etc. and I agree with all that it’s all true but it also misses the point and the point is IT’S DELIBERATE. These are smart people they KNOW that what they are doing will destroy the country and that’s why they are doing it. They aren’t stupid in the sense that they do not realize what they are doing or that they are naive or foolish they know exactly what destructive legislation will do because that’s what they want to do. They want to control the country and all it’s people and you can’t control them when they are independent of gov’t but when they are impoverished and suffering bad health not only physically but spiritually then you have total control over them. That’s what we are seeing with this criminal 1/6 committee and your exposing it for the lies it truly is is incredibly important and I sure hope you stay on top of their constant stream of lies exposing it every time they say one.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Have 14K hours of video to be seen alone & show trial was rigged for thier side
    Many omissions made
    More lies ahead



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