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Tucker Carlson: The Murder of Eliza Fletcher and the Fall of Memphis, Law and Order

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  • Rich4265 says:

    When Americans feared God good prevailed, without a fear of severe consequences there exists no reason to abide by societal laws. Thus, we must have a real Death Penalty that is fast and assured of punishment quickly. The arguments of yesterday are gone due to security cameras and DNA. Your found quilty and your punishment is imposed. Yes, there will be many at first but the massive criminal population will learn what awaits them and they will ultimately cease this conduct. The alternative is anarchy.

    • George V. Rowe says:

      Other than mine I have not seen or heard a definition of “Cruel And Unusual Punishment”
      which is: That which SIGNIFICANTLY EXCEEDS the treatment (proven) of a victim.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    In the 18th century, the American culture not only allowed black slaves to be living in America, the economy demanded it. But Thomas Jefferson was an incredibly intelligent man, not only a man of history, but a foreseer. He knew, (even back then), the U.S. had a problem w/ this segment of the population…and he knew the problem would not only not go away – it would get worse. What was the main ingredient of the problem, and was there a solution? Weighing the pros and cons, he could see the harbinger of things to come. What was it? Above everything in both the pro and con columns was one element, one ingredient which stood out, and which was the deal-breaker, the showstopper – it was this: Most blacks have an inherent nature to violence. Not mild, tempered anger like most white men. All-out violence, non-stop violence, until everything and everyone around them was dead and/or burned to the ground. It was in their genetic makeup from dozens of generations before them. African tribes battling each other for supremacy and dominance. Never-ending wars of attrition.

    Long before he became President, Jefferson knew this as a young Congressional delegate. He knew the biggest problem the U.S. faced, (both economically and culturally), was not trade or foreign policy. It was the control of the black population. It was controlling the violent nature of the black slave. He was also aware that the family structure was (almost) non-existent in black culture. The majority did not marry but continued to re-populate – at a staggering pace.

    Sidenote: Of course, this was only to the advantage of the plantation owner(s) whom the slaves belonged to. Commonly found, were girls as young as 14-15 already having their second child, which was easily found to be the product of another man, a brother, the father, or even the plantation owner himself. After all, he ‘owned’ her, and she was there at his discretion and/or for his pleasure.

    So, Jefferson knew if this situation in the United States was left unabated, if the inherent nature of blacks was violence, and if they were to continue to live, and work, and multiply (as they had been), then the civilized society the United States was living in and enjoying would be vulnerable to nothing short of – unsustainability…AS A NATION. In other words, the nation would (ultimately) not be able to survive. He resolved to a solution. He travailed long and hard on the subject and came up w/ the only solution available at the time: THE ELIMINATION OF ALL BLACKS FROM THE AMERICA’S.

    He introduced a bill into the House which stated a current State of Affairs and submitted the most humane and decent solution would be to round up every black in the America’s, load them onto ships, and sail them to the Caribbean. At the time, there was more than enough room for ALL of them to be used for the sugar trade, and it would be a win-win situation for all. The blacks would be sent to one of the most temperate and beautiful climates in the world, so they could multiply unabated, and continue their carnage of killing each other, and burning everything in sight…and we whites could live in (relative) – PEACE. What a concept…

    Of course, the majority of southern Congressmen at the time were also some of the largest plantation owners and would have none of it. It never passed the House vote, and was DOA…Sad…

  • TERRY says:

    Memphis was a decent place to live until it went hard left.. it is known as MEMFRICA now.

  • B says:

    Sorry Tucker- I grew up in Detroit. It was a magical city for a child. Downtown was bustling. I would never expect it to be the same city I grew up in- some places just die and should be abandoned. Evil permeates a city, town’s soul. It’s Best left alone by decent people.

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