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Tucker Carlson: The Most Powerful People in the World are Always Telling You They’re Victims

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  • Edgar Nathan says:

    Fuck Obama and lemmon

  • Grandmamaga says:

    Lying communist mafia have to lie!

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    You might be able to take the ‘hood’ out of the nigger, but you can NEVER take the NIGGER out of the ‘hood’. Obama’s just another stupid, fucking nigger, as is the rest of them. Go ahead, be all ‘aghast’. Call me a racist – BECAUSE I AM! I HATE FUCKING NIGGERS, AND EVERYTHING WE’VE HAD TO PUT UP W/ SINCE THEIR INCEPTION INTO THIS COUNTRY. FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM!

  • Barbara Douglas says:

    Wow! Comments are really stupid so far! But moving on… Thank you Tucker, that was another great monologue of “in your face “truth! I will say though, that white bag of whatever it was, looked more like the bedroom garb “Michele” Obama wears at night to keep all those hanging things between his legs pulled up. Oops I meant her legs! Oh my does that qualify as hate speech?…of course it ‘s not, only more of that “in your face” truth that really pisses all those victims off!

  • Richard Webb says:

    Obama was and still is the biggest piece of shit to ever walk in the white house with his guy lifestyle and his drag queen!

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