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Tucker Carlson: The Left Is Demanding That We Ignore What We Can See with Our Eyes

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  • Darren Mooneyham says:

    Tucker, dude you are the best thing since sliced bread! I’m from Amarillo, TX and I can’t wait to see your take on the day’s subject! Keep rockin it buddy and we’ve got your back!

  • rcp5 says:

    If memory serves me, during the last election, the demons were saying that should the republicans win, there will be inflation, the border will become unsecured, violence will increase, and the general population will suffer from higher taxes. In other words, the demons were telling voters, if the demons win, this is what will happen. Keep this in mind when voting.

    • Randy Barton says:

      If you don’t or can’t lie, then you can’t be a scumbag demoncrats or rino, like Mitch and crenshaw! Leave the scumbag demons and rino’s alone, is what I hear!

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    The left can ‘dictate’ what they want. They won’t be denying the SLAUGHTER which is coming. EVERY FUCKING PERSON in this current ILLEGITIMATE ‘Administration’ is going to be found in some dark alley w/ their throat slit or a bullet in their head. Then it will our turn to tell them they’re not seeing is not real. They can just pretend they’re still in power. FIND THEM. KILL THEM. DONE!

  • Thank you Tucker! Another Truth On Display! Love it, keep on, keeping on!

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