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Tucker Carlson: The Biden Administration Sees Bank Crisis as a Means of Expanding Their Control

  • Gil says:

    That is not exactly true. The bail-outs were wrong and all who know and support the capitalistic system of our country knew this. However, having been in the industry, I know for a fact that the banks were made by the government to make loans to individuals that were unsupported and would not have any way been approved even under the most lenient guidelines. The democratic congress, in control at that time, decided that in all fairness, everyone should be able to own a home. So they, ordered banks to make loans with zero percent down and buyers had no way of paying back. They (banks) actually had a quota and could not refuse. Now, what people don’t understand is that banks are regulated by the government but they are owned by their stockholders like any other business, so tell me how this happened in a “free” capitalistic government that operates on principals and goals and gives it’s citizens opportunities to achieve success at any level? Those of us in the industry were astonished and predicted when all the bankruptcies would begin. And they did. Blaming the government is correct but the banks did what they were told to do. Maybe they were promised they would be bailed-out. I personally did not make these types of loans nor did I work with people that wanted to apply under these new guidelines. But those that seek opportunity without consequences saw a chance to make a commission and did so. Sad but true.



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