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Tucker Carlson: Peter Navarro’s Arrest is a Huge Step Toward the Politics of the Third World

  • Stephenrusell says:

    Id say its the SWAT raids on Manafort & Rodger Stone

  • Welcome to Bizarro World ! says:

    These communists are systematically dismantling our nation – and we’re LETTING them!

  • Dan Harms says:

    Just finished watching a very disturbing but not too surprising editorial of yours and wanted to add my own comments to the editorial as well. These are all the steps that radicals want to make and are now making to convert a civilized country into a dictatorship it shows you the complete contempt that radicals have for justice and the rule of law. It also shows how they will undermine and destroy the Constitution as well because of their contempt for all things and all civilized people. These are barbarians who live in a world where their immorality is morality and morality is immoral they have the power or at least they think they have the power to crush morality, justice, the rule of law and all symbols and facts of civility. To turn it to benefit them and only them these are the most dangerous criminals in America and will cause more harm on a scale that is unimaginable unless they are voted out of office as soon as possible. That too will be a questionable thing in the next election because they see the handwriting on the wall and if the last election was solely dedicated to rigging the election to get rid of Trump the next election is going to be an even more desperate attempt to rig the election. There isn’t much being said about what the radical Democrats are doing to rig the next election, but they are definitely busy doing something to ensure that they do no lose the election. If they do win the next election it will give them the power to turn America into a dictatorship virtually overnight and the crimes, we are seeing them doing now will be multiplied a 1,000 times over. We are seeing the manipulation of the law to benefit them and only them and to use the law to intimidate and bully anyone who does not support and praise how great these criminals are. These people are on a huge, massive ego trip that has crushed whatever humanity they might have had and replaced it with God like thinking that is definitely a sign of very serious mental illness. If ever there was a need to remove a politician for mental illness this is it. It’s terribly frightening to see these crimes unfold and to see how bold they are about it is unbelievable. It wouldn’t be so bad if they even made a semblance of some kind of truth but the whole premise of Jan. 6th is completely false. This is the power of the lies that the radicals use to justify the crimes they are committing. As far as I know Congress has no Constitutional authority to do a criminal investigation they do have the power to do an investigation on the legislation in Congress but nothing more. This should rightly be a police/FBI investigation if there was a crime being committed here but there is no crime because this was a riot and not an insurrection. Your exposing these crimes is essential to helping to stop this and to inform Americans of the crimes these criminals are committing. We sure need more of this and I can see you and the others are doing your best to expose the lies, hypocrisy and fabrications of the radical left and that’s all helping to turn the tide against them. We are all going to need luck to get through this and I sure hope like hell it holds.

  • RM says:

    I truly hope when the conservties take control of the House of Representatives in the next election we can right the wrongs of this great nation that the progressives democrats are prosecuted starting with Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of then that have gone a long with her idiotic plan, these people are a real danger to this country.



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