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Tucker Carlson: Pete Buttigieg is a Disgrace and Should Resign

  • Dan Harms says:

    It was a good editorial again and it shows you how perverse the radical politicians are and how deeply destructive they are as well. Radicals will hire other radicals with the same agenda which is to take control of the country and take that control out of the hands of people and put them in their hands. This is what we can all expect from radical politicians and the radical news media who support them is this constant attack against every aspect of our lives to degrade and dehumanize us down to the lowest level of human existence. Which is, of course, absolute poverty when we are all absolutely and EQUALLY poor then we are easier to control because we are then living a hand to mouth existence and don’t have the prosperity to branch out and express ourselves. The only ones who can do that are the ones that gov’t blesses with more freedoms than anyone else but only as long as that person or persons do things that benefit the gov’t and ONLY the gov’t. It is always easier to destroy then to create no matter what it is a house for instance needs a lot of work to build. You have to clear the land and build a solid and strong foundation then when you put up the walls they have to be straight and square to take the load of the rood and any potential snow that may come along. Then there is all the plumbing and electrical work you need to do then finish with paint etc to ready it for the new occupants. When the house wears out and needs to be replaced you disconnect the water and electrical connections when the house is empty and then get a bulldozer or backhoe onto the property and knock it all down in a few hours. What took months to build can be flattened in a few hours and to radicals and criminals this is all that life is about. So destroying a country is very easy to do it is our “home” and just like any house it can be just as easily destroyed. What takes decades and centuries to create a positive and prosperous country can be easily destroyed in a year or a few years. To criminals like Biden this is what life is all about and that mixed with his absolute and total contempt and irrational hatred of us motivates him to attack us the way he does. You’ll notice that all the things you mention about Biden and Buttigeg is that what they are all doing is irrational and almost all things irrational are destructive or self-destructive when they are taken to the extremes that these two have done. That’s where there thinking is and always has been and they know it is not acceptable in civil society so they have to hide it behind a facade of lies that makes their destructive actions look like they are actually constructive. That’s the essence of the political con game is to make the immoral look moral and to convince people that this morality is real when all it is is criminals trying to justify their crimes and hide them at the same time. So, Biden is going to hire people just like him it would be the same if any rational person were in charge they would hire rational people. Would you or anyone you know hire someone like these two to run your show when you see shortly after you hire them that they are committing crimes and using your show to hide the crimes they commit? No of course not and so when voters “hire” radicals those radicals are going to insure that they hire other radicals to run the gov’t. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were just running gov’t programs but when you get these kinds of criminals in the judicial system, the police and the military as they always do then things get very, very bad very quickly because they can use this force to enforce the crimes they commit. They can and they will turn all law abiding citizens into criminals and all criminals into law abiding citizens if they can get absolute political control over the country. America is at a terrible cross roads as our freedom and rights are being threatened beyond any threat we have seen in the past. It’s critical that the American people understand this threat to us from this hidden political con game that has been going on all our lives and we understand how great a threat this is to all of us. Not only this generation but for generations to come because once these radicals are entrenched and in control of politics the only way to get them out is through violence. The kind of violence and blood shed that it would take to oust the criminals in federal, state and local gov’ts would make any war in the past pale in comparison but it would have to be done in order to preserve civility and the freedom and rights that civility represents.

  • southersgolfer says:

    Diesel fuel in Mass has been as high as $6.50/gallon. It dropped to $5.99 in the last couple of days but I would not expect that to last. Although I am not a Buttiegieg fan, I don’t think we can blame everything on him. Given the fact that he did no good for the city that he was mayor for, he is doing what he is told to do. The puppet master, the same one telling Biden what to say and do is pulling the strings for the transportation secretary. Sad but I believe it to be true. This is why we need to flip Congress come November and take the power away from these people before they destroy our economy if it isn’t already destroyed come November. Prices are out of control and how much more can we handle before the economy just tanks because of it? A sad situation for sure and it is a deliberate action by the Democrats. Why they want to destroy America is beyond me but it is happening before our eyes.



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