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Tucker Carlson on Abortion Case: They Are Horrified by the Return of Democracy

  • Stephen Russell says:

    States now oversee abortions vs the Feds
    END the genocide
    Most PP clinics in Minority neighborhoods nationwide

  • Cavalryman says:

    Contrary to the news hype, this is just one step to restoring the constitution. unfortunately, we do not have 50 years to get rid of the trash in DC. COS NOW!

  • lilfox57 says:

    The Supreme Court needs to overturn Obamacare and same sex marriage, these two were politically motivated. I appreciate the Supreme Court overruling Roe va Wade. Every child has a right to life. People that are mad, get fixed permanently so you will never get pregnant.

  • Cheryl says:

    Keep the Federal government OUT of our lives.



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