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Tucker Carlson: Musk’s Experiment Showed at Least 80% of Twitter’s Payroll Wasn’t Doing Much

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  • Louis Galmarini says:

    I’ve got an answer for this ENTIRE ILLEGITIMATE ‘Administration’. KILL THEM ALL! We’ve got a mumbling, bumbling idiot figurehead supposedly in the acting role of – POTUS. We’ve got a V.P. who talks in circles to the point, she doesn’t even know what she’s saying, (and neither does anyone else) …and the rest of the White House staff are degenerate ingrates bound and determined to destroy America or weaken it before 2024 so we can be invaded by China.
    We need a militia of 7K sharpshooter, marksmen to storm the White House, KILL EVERYONE INSIDE, then ferret out the rest of these bastards who are responsible for this insanity – FIND THEM. KILL THEM. DONE! (Rasputin wasn’t all wrong)…

  • kevin harr says:


  • Jenny says:

    So much insanity, Disconnected, Have no idea who or what they are. The other here Says it all, Gun em down Take em out this is what should be done. Before they do it to us.

  • Barbara Douglas says:

    Wel Tucker, as usual you out did yourself! The TRUTH in humor form is spectacular! However I was a little upset when you referred to Griner as a she. I know, I know, he likes to pretend he is a she, but let’s face it being so stupid as to take your own American/Mexican hash-stash into a communist country and getting caught for Pete’s sake, doesn’t qualify “him” to call himself a dumb brunette, implying he’s a female. Even being politically correct one would gave to call him “transgender”. So biologically he is unchanged. But I bet he got a “re-education” while in that commie prison!!!

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