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Tucker Carlson: Lies About January 6 Have Enabled Unscrupulous People to Make a Mockery of Our Bill of Rights

  • Thomas A. Haisten says:

    I believe the entire January 6 debacle was a scheme by Pelosi and her band of lying democrats to fake an insurrection and try to blame it on Trump so they could do a third impeachment to attempt to keep him from ever holding office again.

    If you wat5ch the documentary filmed by Nick Searcy,, you’ll probably agree with my first paragraph. That entire Jan. 6 committee was composed of satanic liars.

  • Bonnie J Bishop says:

    For those who say Tucker Carlson is a Rep pawn, remember he does not always or often support President Trump. Everything he said today is true. I have heard from reliable sources that the main supporters of the problems at the capital were there days before the 6th. They were not Trump supporters by any means.
    To award the capitol police for doing a good job, including the ones who opened the capital doors to Trump supporters, who were not violent, and never threatened anyone. If, touching Pelosi’s desk is a crime she should have shut her door before she put on the faked response!
    Walking through an open door has never been a crime.
    Insult by putting your feet on her desk, is more a lack of judgment! Not a federal offense! The whole thing was planned and propagandized by the House of Reps to make it dramatic, like the Drama Queen herself!

  • Cheryl says:

    January 6 was a total setup by an out of control, bloated, corrupt government.

  • American Patriot says:

    Michael Byrd shot and killed an unarmed American Veteran she was not a threat to Byrd at all but he shot her point blank then ran away like a coward would do and to make matters worse the leftists hailed him a hero but your not Byrd and Karma she a biatch and she on you now for the rest of your life you Murdered an Unarmed Woman in cold blood that will haunt you forever! Let’s Go Brandon!



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