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Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden Himself Has Begun Questioning the Fairness of Elections

  • Dan Harms says:

    I just watched the editorial you did and found it well done again and it’s indicative of how radicals work all the common sense, rational, questions you were asking are things radicals cannot handle. They can’t handle them because it would expose the truth, they are trying to hide about themselves the rational thoughts and feelings that we have are things radicals have to oppress. They have to oppress them because if they don’t then they cannot control a person whose dominate thinking comes from the rational and not the irrational. That’s why they lie the lie gives them power and control over people’s thoughts when people believe the lie is true once they convince people their lies are true and people never question what they are being told then the radical politicians will lead them down the garden path to their own destruction. The whole time people are believing they are doing the opposite they are saving themselves and the country but the lies they believe are empty of any truth other then the truth of the lie is that the lie is hiding the truth. It’s why the radicals are adamant about controlling the image of the next election they are now using the truth about the last election being rigged to their own advantage and making it appear that the Republicans and their terrorist supporters are going to rig the next election for Democrats to lose. This is an age old trick that radicals are always doing is to make false accusations of crimes and worse being committed by an individual or group of individuals that they themselves are committing. This is a prime example of doing exactly that they are always creating a false image of true, trustworthy, strong advocates of human rights and making anyone who exposes those lies look like they are criminals. They know they are criminals and they know the crimes they commit but they have to create a false image of themselves and of other people who oppose them. Your show gives us all a very good example of Biden, the Democrats and the radical news media playing this very game in front of us doing what they always do which is to create false fears and hatred against innocent people. They know by pushing the buttons of the irrational fears and hates we all have turns human beings into their puppets and they can pull their strings to make them dance to the destructive tunes they are hiding from them. People are totally unaware of this political con game and how much power and influence it has over all of us I certainly wasn’t aware of it directly for almost all my life. I knew there was something seriously wrong with the news media and the politicians but what the hell is it? I thought for the longest time it was a vague and unreal fear about what was going on but the more I read and the more I questioned the more it appeared to be very real. Especially the outright sickening hatred of all people and there was NEVER anyone speaking out against it or saying anything positive about people. It caused great and deep hatred of what I was reading and digesting and a lot of confusion as to what the hell they were doing. I’m a slow reader and a slow learner so it wasn’t until ’06 when I finally realized it was a political con game it’s a day I’ll never forget because it changed everything for me when I realized it. I wasn’t sure after the first insight that this was true so I thought I’d take six months to a year and to see if it were true or not. The more I read and the more I understood the more real it became until now it is so damned sickeningly obvious what they are doing I’m surprised no one has seen it before now. You have a good handle on it and many other commentators like you are beginning to get it and I hope and pray it spreads and displaces the radical/irrational/lying political con game and free the American people of it’s power and influence. When that happens you will see a new birth of American freedom that has never been seen before and when that happens things will change for the better when this dirty con game is purged from American politics and American society as a whole.



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