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Tucker Carlson: Jan. 6 Hearing Coverage is Complicity in Campaign to Fool the Public

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Rigged show trial with many omissions like 14K hours of video NOT seen

  • Dan Harms says:

    Interesting editorial and a lot of truth in it too as I’ve said before this is the usual smoke and mirrors actions of the radicals to cover up the crimes they are committing. Your comments about Biden’s description of Jan. 6th is point on that’s exactly how they try to push the fear buttons in the irrational side of our minds. Of course it’s irrational because it’s false it has the IMAGE of being true which is what radicals are always doing because the false image is something they can control and leverage it to make it what ever they want to. It’s the same thing with the lies they are constantly telling us about on issues, people, organizations, etc. it’s all about control and telling the lie often enough so that it appears to be true. It’s slippery as all hell when you are not aware of it as I was trying to figure out what was going on with religion, the news media and politicians I would see them doing this sort of thing. It only confused me because I was always wondering why such and such was important when this over here was far more important and causing more problems then what they were talking about. The other big thing about the radical news media that I noticed was that, yes, they would tell me the truth once in a blue moon but they would drown it in constant lies and never mention it again. Well why the hell is that? In the beginning the radical news media would tell me over and over that they were devoted to telling us both sides of the story so I could make up my own mind about what was going on. I accepted that but as time went on and they would tell me one side of an issue or person and I kept waiting and waiting and waiting to hear the other side. I almost never did so that confused me to why aren’t they telling me both sides? I spent decades being confused and deeply angry and hateful about what they were doing not so much by what was being said or even what was not being said but why they were doing this? When the idea of a con game hit me and I studied the idea for months after I got the idea did I finally see exactly what they were doing and, yes, they are conning us. What Biden talked about inflation/insurrection is typical of what they are constantly doing like wise the “hearing” they had on TV. You are right it’s all a distraction to keep your mind off of the problems they have created and on the phony issue of the phony insurrection. They did exactly the same thing with Russiagate in order to prevent Trump from winning the last election in the end it did not work they had to falsify ballots in order to steal the election. They are basically unaware of what they are doing because their attention is so focused on controlling people’s thoughts and the idea that they have an infallible way to control people that they are not dealing with their own mistakes. The big mistake with what they are doing now is that inflation is in everyone’s face and it’s making it harder and harder for people to save money the “insurrection” is yesterday’s news for one. For another no one outside of the capital was hurt by the riot not only that it’s hard to see how this threatens democracy when they do not explain it and do not show how it’s being done. There is an emptiness there that I’m sure most people do not see consciously but recognize it vaguely as I did before I figured out it was a con game. It’s what they don’t understand they don’t see that they haven’t got a solid grip, yet, on their thoughts and they need to be more cleverer then they are to do that. But most of them just aren’t that smart they get the con game but they go through the rules but they can’t evaluate what they’ve done wrong so they can’t change what they are doing to be more effective. They are stuck, at this point in time, in repeating the scam and because they live in their own delusional bubble about how effective they are and to a certain degree they are. There are those Americans who are gullible enough, foolish enough, blindly obedient enough or as radical as the politicians who will swallow everything they are being told. This is a relatively small group of people and not the country as a whole even at that we are still in grave danger with these radicals in politics because if they decide to go full blown dictatorship and start taking over the police, military and judiciary then the blood will flow. How that will affect the American people is hard to say there will be lots who will literally and physically revolt against it but how many Americans will do that is the question. I hope to God that never happens and in the next election, if it’s honest, these people will be voted out of office and we can return to some sort of honesty in politics and some rational to fix the damage the radicals have done.

  • Yitzchak Mrvic says:

    That is the last AMERICAN with a backbone that I remember. It was not “anomaly” in the 70’s it was the wonderful experience when I came to the US its peoples were the best “resources” Americans had and what a miracle it was .. Tucker Carson is the last American CITIZEN what happened where are the rest..



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