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Tucker Carlson: FBI Continues to Suppress Evidence of Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings

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  • will says:

    However politics dept of Justice fbi cia handles this and hides surprises this under the rug hides it don’t do nothing with it does effect other countries because Hunter did bad dealings with them all then turn around gets caught then cover him up ANGERS OTHER COUNTRIES AS IN RESPONSE IS WAR WE ARE SEEING NOW!!!
    We may end slowly as charges are brought to him no no matter who the he’ll he is as a son of a president of the USA or even if minister s son!!!! Just get the bullshit stopped!!!!!!!!!!
    Excuse my language and as a person it’s not me as to say this.
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH is why!!!
    What more y’all need to do to hide and sweep to clear him??just does not help since other countries see and hears our crap then we do know and see what responses we get from them!!!
    Edge of world war 3 !! They are saying enough and is enough from our side!! Clean it up doing it the right way and face it!!!!!
    From prior 2016 to present we seen gone thru are other reasons and does effect foreign nations because our politics media Clinton has put blames on them or use them as cover up s in problems that really from here!!!!!!!
    By an independent also voters be wise when u vote this midterms also general elections.
    Let’s bring peace here also abroad!!!!!
    Covering up lies blaming etc needs to stop no
    Matter what!! More than enough also got it all crossing over the line with foreign nations into war as their responding to us!!
    Gotta STOP!!

    • Will says:

      For my comment above
      We is meant war may end slowly….
      Suprises meant for suppresses ….
      Corrections. Thanks
      This site needs to let responders establish editing misspelled words before submitting!!

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