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Tucker Carlson: Despite Biden’s Unpopularity, Democrats Still Have a Chance of Holding Congress in November

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  • Jeff says:

    They sure do IF they are able to CHEAT again like the always do.

  • Will says:

    Easy to say about democrats may still have congress control, if not then don’t be suprised because Americans seen enough crap last 2 years.
    Really does nt have anything to do with party affiliations, has to do with many acting like kids and even cia fbi included also all fighting bickering since before 2016 etc are done by individuals as person than a politician or a political party.
    Voters will have their say about this!!
    Be wiser this midterms and general election also what’s more don’t let Biden try to do better as get gas prices down all of a sudden also among other stuff. Just doing this to get re elected is all he cares about as well help same people being there forever win again. They need to go!!!
    Don’t need seniors also greeds etc got enough of them. Time for absolute upgrade and shake up by getting younger new politicians to get elected since many were blocked to win last 50 or more years because so powerful long life are still here need to go!!!!!
    it’s abt individual not party affiliations!
    Good luck future America!

  • JE says:

    The two problems left are the two (pardon me whilst I gag) women standing in line behind Biden for his job, mainly the twit of a V.P., and the hag whose been in Congress about as long, if not longer than Biden had been around the Whitehouse block. And the other problem (this is actually the 2nd one) is that Democrats have just realized the V.P. is more than willing to tax the middleclass folks to death, or two years after their retirement age (which I think has already made its way to the age of the late 60’s if not early 70’s) – and that is the group which supports the political parties agendas.

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