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Tucker Carlson: Democrats Use Disasters to Punish Those Who Didn’t Vote for Them

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  • Will says:

    Punish those who don’t vote democrat? Why!!
    Seems y’all already did by impeachments bullying pick on republicans also many things that happen since prior 2016.
    Democrats you may not realize this: ur punishing yourselves in the long run by what goes comes around! Back to y’all.
    As voters read this they will continue to vote as well be wiser after reading this subject
    Look at what democrat means or shows as a word;
    Democrat: Demo as demolish de story which means a party to not produce peace or to unite people.
    Republicans: Re public cans
    Re means return public all of us together and cans mean cans succeed ! Brings peace; people together
    Seems we’re both parties established during civil war to be 2 groups to be republicans from north has defeated south democrats to destroy slavery.
    To this day people may be blinded by this because democrat party has brainwashed transformed covered up since who they really are as a party.
    Since 2016 to present we see who or what democrats has been to us all!
    Fully exposed now
    Just saying by an independent.
    Punish those don’t vote for democrats is wrong; you got urselves punished !
    Voters this midterms general election will decide and don’t punish those who don’t vote democrat or even votes republican!
    It’s like we all have a right to vote and democrats don’t vote ya then u punish is like communism or by force as it’s not our rights to choose not to!!
    We have a right of a choice who we all vote also immigrants are getting smarter already knows who democrats are as well then switching parties
    Let us all vote and within peace as well as our choices with out PUNISHMENT!
    Let us all vote together with peace and all together as one human and one race also all backgrounds. That’s what RE PUBLIC is so why is the word DEMO as democrat?? Demo seems to mean demolish or de is de as destroy be apart.
    Sink that in readers and Washington also voters vote wisely.
    By again an independent also with a right to vote and choose between both without punishment!


  • Bdank1776 says:

    HAARP & Ionospheric Heaters are what creates
    “Hurricane Season”! This is just 2 ways how these asshole Deep State elitists control our earths weather. Creating weather chaos, droughts, “fire season” etc… don’t forget the Geo-Engineering in the sky aka “ChemTrails” as well… weather modification has been a weapon of war for like 70+ years! Kinda obvious they targeted the trajectory of #HurricanelAN to #Trump & #DeSantis #FJB #WideAWAKE #NeverWoke
    #MAGA #CorruptionWorldWide

  • American Patriot says:

    When are we going to impeach Biden for not protecting our borders. The ignorant piece of shit who’s only job is to protect the country from outside force is asleep at the wheel.
    1. He left the border open for an invasion from South/Central America and all other countries of the world.
    2. He left Florida border open for Hurricane IAN to come in and destroy a great portion of Florida.
    3. He’s now trying to provoke a Nuclear War with Russia.

    It’s time the stupid bastard went.

    • Traveler42 says:

      benedict biden will go down in history as the WORST TRAITOR to America in history.

      The Arnold version looks like a straight PARTIOT compared to what we have now…

  • Barbara Douglas says:

    The one thing I noticed more than anything else was that black person(at least I think she or it was female), she looks like an orangutan! So maybe there is some truth to Darwins theory that we, or at least some of us, come from apes! Her (or its) reasoning was rather apeshit as well. Oh I’m sorry, there was absolutely no reason for anything it said! I’m.not usually so hateful, but she really made me sick!

  • moon says:


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