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Tucker Carlson: Democrats Are Trying to Shift Blame About the COVID-19 Vaccine to Trump

  • K. Derby says:

    You mean the vaccine that the Democrats are working overtime to push on the American citizens? The one they are still demanding all citizens get inoculated with? No matter all the aftereffects associated with it? The CDC is still advertising on tv that our children get the vaccine. Funny

  • Martha Spoor says:

    I need to speak to you or ask you if you know about the digital dollar called “Biden Bucks”? It in theory is going to replace our current monetary system and theoretically will be used by the Democrats to control how, what, and where we spend our money and if they don’t like it they can freeze it or make it not work. I know it sounds crazy but I think there is some truth to it so I thought your crew could ferret it out. On another note Herschel Walker, who by his own admission had some mental issues that he asked his wife to discuss openly ages ago and the Democrats have turned that into their campaign. I was thinking and told Herschel that he should go on one of the Fox shows or several because he wants to people so they don’t live with the stigma and it would be good him to say how the other party is using his difficult time to get votes. He’s in Georgia



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