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Tucker Carlson: Climate Change Experts’ Bullying Is Not About Helping the Earth, It Is About Controlling Us

  • Michael says:

    My gut reaction to the vaccine was, “This was rushed to market. We do not know the long-term side effects of it. We don’t know what this new technology called mRNA will do in the long term. I am not in a high risk age group. If I contract COVID, I’m extremely likely to recover. The risk-reward benefit is not in my favor.” Guess what? My gut was correct!

  • jon says:

    Every decade we see a new bunch of fools like AOC pumping out wild claims about imminent destruction and death because of what was once called “climate change”. They learned to alter that to “Global warming” since the climate really hasn’t changed on this planet for a very long time. Now that slimy hustle is not working either, so what next from these money grubbing liars?

  • Jackie says:

    Total crap but they’re brainwashing the youth and it starts in K. Remove the public school model for charter schools. The teachers union must be abolished. Block fed money to states. No tax dollars for ANY so called college regardless of the FKN color.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    Each time we have a Democratic majority in Congress, we seem to have another ‘climate crisis’ which immediately results in more taxes, (and 0 climate change). Those same Democratically held Congresses which push such ‘climate crisis’s’ make sure those extra tax dollars go in their pockets and also make sure there are ‘more laws’ and ‘more rules’ as part of it. Then, by legalizing drugs, they blunt the effects of reasoning and common sense.

    There are two ways to move towards green:

    1) Develop technology so green becomes cheaper than oil. Example: Nuclear & hydrogen, (which is financially environmentally, and unquestionably safe, reliable, and cheap).

    2) Make oil more expensive, so green seems cheaper.

    Democrats are forcing the second, because technology can’t deliver on the first. Greed ruins everything.

    I’ve got a simple solution, (which utilizes simple reasoning and common sense):

    1). Every person in this current ILLEGITIMATE, neo-Marxist ‘Administration’ deserves nothing less than a bullet in the head (for TREASON). DO IT! DONE!



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