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Tucker Carlson: Behind Twitter’s Censorship of the Hunter Biden Story

  • Stephen Grant says:

    These corrupt lefty individuals need thrown in prison.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    I stated it the day after the election, and I will continue to say it: THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WAS RIGGED AND STOLEN. 74+ MILLION voted for Donald Trump – 11 million more than in 2016. That’s over 60% of the total vote. Before this, no one elected POTUS has EVER received more than 53% of the total vote.

    Consequently, we’re no longer living in a Constitutional Republic, but under a neo-Marxist regime which not only does not recognize the Constitution, but also rule of law. That’s tyranny facilitated by dictators, which aimless protests won’t stop, but serve as nothing more than exercises in futility. Not one country has ever been saved from dictatorial tyrants by protests – not one. History has taught us there’s only ONE way to rid itself of a dictatorship – ELIMINATE the dictators BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY. Then and only then will we have freedom and liberty as we remember. Well, we’re 2 years into this HORSESHIT, and w/ no end in sight.

    That said: I’m done w/ this bullshit. I’m 71 years old and have no more patience to go through ‘legal’ means to eliminate these dictators. They don’t play by the rules, why should we. Just get me to w/i 100 feet of ANY person in this current ILLEGITIMATE ‘Administration’ – BAM! DONE! Consequences? I couldn’t care less. Yes, I may go to jail – but they’ll still be dead…and besides at this point, the words ‘life in prison’ are (pretty much) – meaningless.

    • Michael says:

      I understand your sentiment, but the issue is much broader than one illegitimate President. We have a Department of Injustice full of tyrants who will do the bidding of whatever illegitimate President they throw up next. This same department has called concerned parents attending a school board meeting “terrorists!”

      Elections have become meaningless because a few populous counties in critical states have figured out how to swing their entire state toward Democraps. We have to figure out how to secure elections, or we will replace one tyrant with another tyrant.

      Then there’s the public school system filling our kids with pro-Marxist garbage. I have conservative friends whose kids went off to college as good conservative kids and came back flaming liberals. We have to figure out a way to clean out the public schools and universities that are turning out mind-numbed Democrap voters.

      Then there’s the media and Big Tech suppressing the truth about Democraps. We have to figure out a way to clean house in the media.

      All I’m saying is our problems are bigger than one brain-dead President. We have a long road ahead of us in our fight for freedom. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

    • Sunny says:

      I have to agree with every word you said, until it got to what sounds like breaking the law. I have always supported law & order. (True, we have Capitol police & certain FBI, etc, that seem to be bought off – or maybe threatened. I don’t put anything beyond the evil Dems in charge – of whom Nancy Pelosi has been the Queen Bee.) But for this nation to survive, the majority must stick together & act under God’s will. Violence is never good – that’s the Leftist way – not Conservative’s.

      I still believe God gave us Trump to shoo the ‘Rats out into the light. And he did. I believe now that He is influencing Musk to follow up. Evil is strong but God always wins in the end. God is sometimes slower & more patient with His dealings than we humans are, and He WILL “do it HIS way”! (Be in constant prayer! He is watching & He knows what will happen – I just hope our nation is not under judgment because of our collective sins! – such as wholesale abortion/murder, at will, & for PROFIT!)

      (P.S. – We don’t want any of our PATRIOTS in jail, or any unfavorable news the ‘Rats can use against us. (pray that they will see & admit to the damage their leaders are doing to THEM & their children, as well as our beloved country & EVERYBODY!) God bless you – our country needs you! It needs everybody! MAGA – USA!

  • Larry Bowling says:

    Tucker Carlson speaks the truth, as opposed to the people of the main stream media who are lapdogs of the democrat party. We need people like Tucker who is heard daily by millions of people, to continue to keep “we the people” informed about the corrupt goings on of the dems. There must be a way to prosecute people in politics who blatantly break laws after laws after laws.

  • Spirit on the Wind says:

    The Republican Party needs to clean house get those 12 rinos who side with the dumbofks off committees force them to either side with the people who put them in office or kick their fking asses out if the party no more muster nice guy and start with McConnell take his position away from him now before he gets worse this Omnibus Bill must not pass! Let’s Go Brandon!

  • Mark says:

    I am even shorter sentence if absolute, which many still deny, is that the world is under the apostolic Biblical beginning of the end of days. This life is so temporal in compared to eternity and God has done so much to give Humanity a road map through Jesus, His son and , God himself to be saved. That’s the grace of our father whether you continue to rebel and love the sin or not.
    We ALL will be before the feet of our maker and judge at which time, all lies, murder and Godless acts we ALL will sit in judgement no matter what you choose to believe at this moment. Jesus have mercy on us all when you return Lord.



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