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Young Trump Superfan Bursts Into Tears as He Meets His Idol at Philadelphia Rally

A young Trump superfan was overcome with emotion as he got to meet his idol in the flesh during a stop at a Philadelphia cheesesteak venue on Saturday afternoon.

The boy, named Timmy, burst into tears as he met with Donald Trump face to face.

The child was seen dressed in typical Trumpian attire, in a navy suit complete with red tie, Trump-styled wig and even similar lapel pins.

Trump appeared to show a softer side as he hugged the youngster and appeared flattered that he had dressed in his likeness.

‘We like this boy,’ Trump said. ‘What a good boy. If your parents don’t want you, I’ll take you!’ he said.

The former president pulled out a $20 bill on which he signed his signature in thick black marker pen at Tony and Nick’s Steaks.

‘We’re gonna add some value to this’, Trump joked as he scrawled his name all over the bank note.

The boy then posed alongside the former president for a photo, with tears still visibly streaming down his cheeks.

Trump then took the time to meet and greet fervent supporters gathered inside the restaurant autographing a red baseball cap and adding a $500 tip on the food order.


‘Great things happen in Philadelphia!’ one man shouted out before those gathered began chanting Trump’s name.

While backstage at a rally in the city, Trump said he has finally made up his mind as to who will be his running mate in November’s election but he is keeping his cards close to his chest.

Speaking with NBC News on Saturday, Trump said that he has chosen who will be the vice president should he retake the White House this fall.

When asked for a name, the former president said that he has only made the VP pick ‘in my mind’ and that the lucky candidate does not know it’s them.

‘Nobody knows’, Trump clarified.

In what appears to be a process akin to Trump’s former television show, The Apprentice, the selection process for his running mate has moved into high gear.

Several candidates say they have recently received vetting materials from the Trump campaign.

Trump has said he might announce his choice at next month’s Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

Among those in the running are believed to be North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance, Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Others who claimed to have received vetting materials also include South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, New York Representative Elise Stefanik, Florida Representative Byron Donalds and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.

Stefanik, along with figures like Vance and Donalds, have been steadily rising though the ranks of the GOP for years, each aligning themselves with the potential two-time president at some point in the process.

Vance, for instance, a military vet who grew up in a dysfunctional family in the exurbs of Cincinnati, represents the Rust Belt that carried Trump to an upset victory in 2016.

He earned national recognition upon defeating a competitive field of Republicans and a formidable Democrat in a 2022 midterm, becoming the U.S. Senator for Ohio as a result.

Stefanik, meanwhile, is one of the 10 Republicans who serve New York, and has become a top Trump VP contender thanks to her status as chair of the Republican conference, and one of the most influential women in her party.

She’s also only 39, indicating a potential propensity toward a younger person filling the hole left behind by longtime conservative Pence.

Donalds, 45, also fits that profile, following an unsuccessful quest to become one of the youngest house speakers in history.

That bid fell flat last year, as did an attempt from Burgum, 67, to beat out Trump for the GOP nomination.

Carson and Rubio, aged 72 and 53, respectively, are also former Trump casualties, both bowing out against the then-political newcomer in 2016.

Both have seemed to have since made amends with the Republican, with Carson even serving on the then-president’s cabinet for his first term.

The former surgeon, however, has somewhat distanced himself from the currently shrouded VP field, absent from Trump’s campaign trail unlike some of the others.

Also absent has been fellow conservative Rubio, who Trump helped secure a third term as Florida’s governor back in 2022.

Rubio – who was famously was slammed as Little Marco by Trump – endorsed the ex-president for the first time ever this year in return.

Rounding out Trump’s seven was Scott, after he too lost to Trump in a primary – late last year.

The native South Carolinian has since surfaced as one of Trump’s most vocal surrogates, repeatedly floating the idea of being his running mate.

Last month, he gave the strongest indication he would appear on Trump’s 2024 ticket yet, telling a Newsmax reporter ‘We’ll see’ when asked.

Outside the Pennsylvania rally on Saturday, a man could be seen telling MAGA attendees to ‘go back to where you came from’.

‘Go back to your country!’ the African American man shouted while holding up his cellphone to film those going inside the venue at Temple University, in a historically black area of Philadelphia, long a stronghold for Democrats.

Trump won just 5 percent of the vote in precincts within a half-mile radius of Temple’s main campus, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Trump campaign has made courting black and Hispanic voters, who make up more than half of Philadelphia’s population, a priority in this election cycle, encouraged by some opinion polls that indicate he may be gaining ground with these voters.

Trump has little chance of winning the city, as President Joe Biden won 81.4 percent of the votes in Philadelphia County in 2020.

But Trump could boost his chances by narrowing the margin in Philadelphia and surrounding counties so critical to the overall tally in Pennsylvania.

The state is a battleground that is hotly contested because it can swing either to Republicans or Democrats.

Trump used his Philadelphia speech to talk about Biden’s handling of inflation, the southern border and crime, all key tenets of the Republican’s campaign for a second term.

William Rosenberg, a political science professor at Drexel University, said he believed Trump’s main goal was projecting his outreach to black voters nationally, similar to the rally he held in the Bronx borough of New York City last month.

‘It’s a play to get on national TV to say you are in Philadelphia, to make the case that this is a Black community,’ Rosenberg said. ‘Then perhaps you convince some swing voters that Donald Trump is not so bad.’

Democrats have set up posters, billboards and kiosks in Philadelphia and on the Temple campus to promote Biden’s policies, including his efforts to forgive student debt, as well as to criticize Trump’s record with the black community.

State lawmaker Malcolm Kenyatta, a Democrat, said black voters remember Trump’s history promoting the bigoted conspiracy theory that questioned whether Barack Obama, the country’s first African American president, was born in the U.S. and policies that he pursued that hurt the black working class.

‘Donald Trump is in a black place, but Donald Trump does not give a damn about black people,’ Kenyatta said at a press event at a Biden campaign office in Philadelphia, adding that Trump would ‘get the type of welcome he deserves’ from the city.

  • MK says:

    Can anyone explain where the 80 million votes Maggot Brain Biden supposedly got in 2020 went? I guess some will believe Trump will win by a landslide if one believes we have election integrity anymore.


      Smart Kid the parents obviously don’t allow him to watch the Destroy America Influencers Called The Mainstream Media Owned And Operated By China Democrats And Global Billionaires Seeking To Destroy The USA

  • Irishgal says:

    Talk is cheap- Liberty Scores SPEAK! Look up your Rep/Senator…any score below 80% ARE RINOS! Stefanik talks tough, votes opposite! She helped authored No warrant Fisa and voted for it along with $Ukraine, $1.2T Monstrosity bill 48%FF, votes against America First too often! Not much better than Graham 43%FF, McConnell 44%FF- wishy washy already known as RINOs- Rubio 71%C, Tim Scott 77%C like-Crenshaw 74%C Tom Cotton 81%B -JD Vance is at 95%A Donalds also 98%A so far. Ben Carson. Well rounded, highly educated, surgeon (medical), respected, been through the ringer in his life as well. He worked hard to get to where he is. He may be soft spoken but he IS tough.

    • Zmb Grrl says:

      Great info. Love JD Vance! Thanks for that!

      On another note, that kid is adorable! So happy to meet The Donald, and he took home souvenirs! He’ll never forget that moment.

    • Nancy says:

      I hope it is either JD Vance or Byron Donalds! I find it hilarious that some black representative from Philly could only tell blacks why they shouldn’t vote for Trump was because of what he said about Obama’s birth they are so scared the6 are losing some of the black vote! What have Democrats done for the black community? Nothing!

  • tressa says:

    Trump 2024
    veggie joe 6 feet under

  • diane baker says:


  • Patti says:

    I’m hoping for either Byron Donalds or Tim Scott on the ticket for VP.
    Also, you need to correct the article, Rubio is a Senator for Florida & DeSantis is the Governor.



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