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Young Canadian Reporter Suffers Medical Emergency Live on Air

On Sunday, a young journalist from Canada was in the middle of a live broadcast when she suddenly experienced a medical emergency.

Jessica Robb, who was reporting on the scene for the Canadian news station CTV, started slurring, going blank on words, and looked like she was about to collapse live during the live broadcast while she was in the middle of a dialogue with the anchor Nahreman Issa.

CTV immediately cut the program.

Watch the video below:

CTV Edmonton released a statement following the medical distress of one of their reporters.

“Thanks to everyone who inquired about our reporter who became ill during the 6 p.m. News. Jessica Robb is feeling better and is now resting,” CTV tweeted.

Jessica Robb issued a statement before going private with her account.

“I won’t bury the lede: l’m okay. Thank you to everyone who has reached [out], my cameraman [Sean McClune] for being there for me, & [Nahreman Issa] for being an absolute pro (as usual),” Robb wrote.

Social media users found it suspicious that she suddenly made her Twitter profile private.

Her COVID vaccination was widely suspected by social media users to be the cause of her sudden illness.

Back in April, Robb tweeted that she was thankful she received her third shot of the COVID vaccine after she got infected with Covid.

“Consider this my official out of (the physical) office. Feeling very lucky to be vaxxed ×3 & that I started isolating as soon as symptoms started,” she wrote.

  • The Count says:

    Soooooo Sorry for this young woman – who has obviously been duped by our wicked fakenews media that is soooooo irresponsible with their ‘reporting’ lies and nonsense, and not caring! She may have been deceived by all the propaganda everywhere you turn today, but it’s not her fault these animals are able to do this. It’s OURS. We have seen how Dems operate for decades, and Repubs just call them ‘their friends’, and it seems ALL they do is just ‘campaign’ for re-election, and after getting elected, don’t do anything because they ALL seem to watch CNN and NBC for their News – when THEY ARE the news-makers! It’s NOT this young woman’s fault she got hoodwinked. This should have never happened. Our Govt., Schools, Medical Community and Military ALL have been ‘mandated’ to get the Vaxx – even ALL in the Sports World! But they’re all WAKING UP, finally… as it’s everyday now we’re SEEING too many young, athletic, VAXXED healthy people having ‘near-death’ experiences right in front of our eyes!!! Tooooo many to ignore or sweep under the rug, or make stupid excuses for! People are starting to DEMAND ANSWERS, and hopefully the Victims will as well.

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