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‘You Keep Saying I’m Nuts!’: Megyn Kelly and Bill Maher Get Into Awkward Clash Over Her Trump Support

Bill Maher and Megyn Kelly got into a tense argument over her support for former President Donald Trump and how much emphasis should be placed on the fact that many Republican voters deny the results of the 2020 election.

Maher went on Kelly’s SiriusXM radio show Tuesday, and the two started off surprisingly cordial, remarking that they both lacked a ‘political home.’

But when Kelly, who is a registered independent, said she would be voting for Trump in 2024, that set the liberal comedian off.

‘Well, I mean, I can’t even understand that, and I understand that Biden is deeply flawed, but he does believe in our way of life.’

President Joe Biden has the support of Maher, who told Newsweek in March that he would vote for ‘Biden’s head in a jar of blue liquid’ over Trump.

Trump has actually commented on Kelly’s support for him, saying she was ‘making a career’ by ‘pretending’ to like him.

The ex-Fox News host’s feud with Trump goes back to when Kelly moderated a 2016 presidential debate and asked him a pointed question about how he treats women.

Nonetheless, her support for Trump got Maher to repeatedly condemn what happened during the 2020 election.

Maher said that Trump’s refusal to concede the election and his claims of it being fraudulently stolen from him amount to him violating norms that have kept the country together from the beginning.

‘What could possibly be more fundamental to you or anyone, than you have to concede elections?’ Maher asked Kelly. ‘And he hasn’t conceded the last one. He’s plainly not going to concede this one.

‘He now has all of his sycophants around him parroting his party line, which is when they ask them, “Will you abide by the election results?” “Yes, if it’s a free and fair election,” which is another way of saying, “If we win.”

‘You really think this is a place this country should be?’

Kelly responded by saying she wouldn’t defend ‘election denialism.’

‘I’m not one of those people who believes that,’ Kelly added.

As of December 2023, 31 percent of Republicans believe that Biden legitimately won the 2020 election.

Maher then interjected, asking Kelly what’s more important than ‘election denialism.’

‘How about my daughter not going into a locker room and seeing a man’s penis?’ she said right back, referring to the rash of incidents where trans women have been spotted in female locker rooms at gyms and other recreational areas.

Planet Fitness is one gym that’s been plagued with this problem. Most recently, a man reportedly taking advantage of the woke company’s transgender locker room policy took to the ladies’ facilities, stripped naked and paraded his genitalia around.

A woman was banned from Planet Fitness in March for reporting a ‘trans woman’ shaving in the female locker room.

Maher acknowledged the importance of dealing with gender and how bathroom policies should work but pivoted right back to how the upcoming election is crucial for democracy.

‘I’m talking about the difference between this and something fundamental, which is our democracy. The fact that you have to respect who wins an election, or else you don’t have the kind of country we’ve always had before,’ he said.

While Kelly agreed with Maher that the election wasn’t stolen, adding that she didn’t think there was any substance to the claim that Dominion voting machines were compromised, she did make an overture to Republican voters by saying that the 2020 election ‘wasn’t fair’ to Trump.

‘What wasn’t fair?’ Maher asked.

‘Don’t get me started, what wasn’t fair? How about the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story?’

Maher was incredulous: ‘Oh, for f**k’s sake, really? Then we’re not as alike as you think. That’s a stupid non-story.’

The New York Post originally published the story in October based on documents pulled from Hunter’s laptop detailing alleged corruption within the Biden family.

Twitter prevented its users from sharing that story, which claimed that Hunter was involved with a Chinese oil giant and that then-presidential candidate Joe Biden potentially received money from the deal his son struck with the foreign firm.

The information published by the Post was widely dismissed as fake or ‘Russian disinformation,’ which led to Facebook also suppressing the story.

Kelly pointed to polling data that has shown if Americans had known that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop were authentic, many of them would have voted differently.

A survey from right-leaning TIPP Insights in December 2022, showed that 28 percent of adults who followed the Hunter Biden story would have voted differently had the FBI not claimed it was all Russian disinformation.

Maher acknowledged that the story shouldn’t have been suppressed, though he said he thinks the story wouldn’t have changed the election’s outcome.

‘This is typical right-wing talking points, the evil Hunter Biden and the evil Joe Biden,’ Maher said.

‘You’re obviously someone who looks at an elephant and a mouse and asks which one is bigger,’ he added, comparing the issue of the Hunter Biden laptop story to the denial of the 2020 election.

Kelly was quick to hit back.

‘You keep saying sort of I’m nuts because I don’t see the difference between the elephant and the mouse and I’m telling you I identify them differently than you do,’ Kelly told Maher. ‘Hillary Clinton, of course, is the original election denier. I’m sure you voted for her in ’16.’

Kelly was referring to Clinton’s comments in 2019 on CBS’ Sunday Morning show where she said Trump ‘knows he’s an illegitimate president.’

Maher pointed out that Clinton conceded the election to Trump the day after the 2016 election, something Trump has never done after the 2020 election.

Watch full interview:

  • MBeached says:

    Both of these people need to understand one fact: The ballots that have been proven fraud in courts in the 2020 election have now surpassed the difference in the 2020 election. In other words, if you adjust the totals of both Trump and Biden by all the fraudulent ballots, Trump wins. Don’t believe me, search it out and do your own analysis you’ll see what I mean.

    Dominion voting machines are also part of the equation. Tabulators were also recently found to be not just faulty, but tampered with during the election. During the election, when the videos were focused on the polling places, it was quite obvious that the Dominion voting machines were connected to the internet. Both Fulton County, GA, and Maricopa County, AZ, election officials both admitter the machines were connected to the internet to do upgrades and adjustments both before and during election day.

    I am experienced in IT as a software specialist and developer. While the cameras were on the physical machines in Maricopa it was obvious they were connected to the internet via cable. There is simply too much physical evidence of online tampering with voting machines and tabulators. There is also too way much evidence of ballots being fed into the voting machines multiple times.

  • LetsGoBrandon says:

    Fuck Bill Maher. If Bidungs reelected we’ll have 200 million illegal aliens in this country by the end of his 2nd term. We will have had our nation stolen from us by people who have no heritage in its building and who have no allegiance to it. We’ll be strangers in our own land. You better exercise your 2nd amendment rights while you still can.

  • Sam says:

    Then Maher, you are un-American. Trump intimidates you. You are weak. That’s on you. And you run scared shitless because of it with your TDS and willingness to send this country down the shitter because you hate one man so much. What a little penis wrinkle you are. Democrats are so weak minded.

  • Bill Walker says:

    That’s the only point Kelly could make to back the fact that 2020 was unfair??!! The Hunter laptop? How about the Intelligence group’s totally dishonest letter claiming it was Russian Propaganda? How about the illegal Zuckerburg Bucks? 4 years of weaponizing the FBI and Justice Dept. with the MSM 100% promoting the lies!? All the states fighting voter ID laws and allowing mail-in voting? Ballot harvesting, not clearing voter rolls, etc, etc, etc!!!



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