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‘Yellowstone’ Star Says He was Thrown Off Flight After He Refused to Sit Next to Masked Passenger

Actor Forrie J. Smith jumped on social media Saturday and said he’d been kicked off a flight for refusing to sit next to a passenger who was wearing a mask.

Smith, who played Lloyd Pierce on “Yellowstone,” posted a video explaining the situation to Instagram.

“You need to hear this story,” he wrote.

“You know, my social media people tell me you like me face-to-face,” Smith said as the video started. “But you know what? I can’t say face-to-face when I want.”

“Like, I just got kicked of a plane in — where the h*** am I at?” he said, looking around.

At that point, a woman’s voice from off-camera told him, “You’re in Houston.”

“In Houston, Texas,” Smith continued, now that he knew were he was. “Because I asked, told them that I didn’t feel comfortable sitting next to somebody with a mask on.”

Smith admitted that he’d been drinking — his voice certainly sounded as if he had — during his three-hour wait in the airport.

“But they throwed [sic] me off the plane because I’m drunk, because you people won’t stand up and tell everybody what bulls*** this is,” he said.

Smith didn’t provide more detail, and didn’t appear to know why the passenger was wearing a mask, which was perhaps due to pre-existing conditions and not simply, as he appears to have assumed, some level of paranoia regarding the coronavirus.

“I just told them I didn’t feel comfortable about sitting next to somebody that had to wear a mask,” he said. “And I’m off the plane.”

You can see the entire video below.


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The responses to Smith’s post were in general not supportive.

“Being an American means you get to make your own choices. Grow the up bud. If I ever see you I’m going to wear a mask and I haven’t in years,” one Instagram user wrote.

“You’re such a crybaby,” said another. “You’re threatened by a mask? Get a life.”

  • Wyatt Earp says:

    Every mask wearing person, got to be a little off in their own head! If they did research it wearing a mask over their airway. They will find out IT DOESN’T HELP AT ALL LONG TERM. There were NO TESTING DONE ON THE FLUIDS IN THE VACCINE! So how do you know it SAFE? Take into consideration the CEO OF CDC SAID NOT ONE EMPLOYEES AT THE PLACE GOT THE VACCINE! But it your choice if you want to destroy your own life. VIRUS ARE SO TINY IN THE AIR. THE NAKED EYES CAN NOT SEE IT! Also when you take off the mask to EAT OR DRINK SOMETHING THERE A GREAT DEAL THE VIRUS HAS LAND ON THE MASK! GOD CREATED YOUR BIDY AND IMMUNITY SYSTEM TO FIGHT OFF GERM!

  • Stop the insanity. Take off the damn mask. All this nonsense is another Government control tactic to get all Americans to become suppressed individuals living under Governmental DICTATORSHIP . Wake up America. Put all the mask wearing zombies in the back of the plane and let Free American’s sit together. Gif Save America

  • Dracienna says:

    I was sitting next to someone wearing a mask, thinking they were protecting me from getting sick. I got sick. The masks don’t protect you so I wouldn’t want to sit next to someone wearing a mask either.



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