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Yankees-Reds Game Delayed by National Anthem Standoff in Bizarre Scene

There was a bizarre scene prior to the start of Thursday’s Fourth of July matinee between the Yankees and Reds in The Bronx, as the beginning of the game was nearly delayed by a national anthem standoff. A pair of pitchers from both teams continued to stand at attention long after the anthem ended.

Two Yankee pitchers on the injured list, Ian Hamilton and Cody Poteet, stood on the first-base line, while Cincinnati pitchers Graham Ashcraft and Carson Spiers remained on the third-base line in hopes of being the last ones to salute.

The Yankees took the field for the top of the first, while Marcus Stroman warmed up, and all four players were still on the field as home-plate umpire Alan Porter gestured for both sides to exit the field.

Third-base umpire Jim Wolf also talked with the two groups before Aaron Boone finally asked his players to “get off” the field, which they did.

Boone said the start of the game was not delayed by the antics.

“It had the potential to be,’’ Boone said after the 8-4 loss.

“I think they were right up against it.”

Porter ended up briefly leaving the field during the standoff because he had to go back to the umpire’s locker room for some equipment.

Poteet said the standoff was not planned beforehand and was partially a product of the added pregame festivities.

“There wasn’t much thought to it,’’ Poteet said.

“It wasn’t a normal anthem, since they had the color guard, so we were standing there a little extra anyway. We noticed they were still standing, so we wanted to see who could outlast each other. We took it all the way to the last bit, close to the game starting. Just a little fun.”

Ashcraft ended up being the last player standing.

“It’s something that happens naturally, I guess,’’ Poteet said.

“It’s a little competition within the game. It’s probably the first one I’ve been a part of.”

  • Wapitihunter says:

    WTF? What idiot sold this shit story?



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