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Woman with No History of Heart Issues Dies Suddenly of Cardiac Arrest

A Las Vegas woman has started a fundraising campaign for the family of a friend who died suddenly Jan. 8.

Michele Morgan told KLAS-TV that her friend, Alicia Groeblinghoff, went into cardiac arrest while working out at a gym.

Groeblinghoff, died the next day. She was 46, according to her obituary.

Morgan told KLAS her friend had no history of heart problems before she “suddenly, without warning, collapsed at the gym and suffered a massive cardiac arrest.”

Morgan has set up a GoFundMe to raise funds to help pay Groeblinghoff’s medical bills, which she said “are going to be astronomical” because she had to be transported to the hospital and placed on life support.

The bills are going to be “more than the family can handle,” she wrote.

Groeblinghoff had two children, 15 and 9, and the financial assistance will also help with their college, Morgan said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the fundraiser had taken in about $38,000 toward its goal of $250,000.

Morgan described Groeblinghoff as “my friend and business partner for 30 years.”

“She was such an amazing soul, with a contagious smile, and kindness that we do not see every day,” she wrote on GoFundMe. “Everyone who was fortunate enough to have their path come in contact with Alicia’s, immediately loved her.”

KLAS reported that Groeblinghoff was one of several seemingly healthy people who have died suddenly of apparent heart issues in recent weeks.

During the week before her death, two Las Vegas-area teens also died suddenly.

Jordan Brister was pronounced dead after collapsing in a school restroom Jan. 3.

A GoFundMe appeal created Jan. 7 said, “Jordan Tyler Brister suddenly and unexpectedly suffered cardiac arrest while at school with no explanation as to why. Jordan was a senior in high school who planned to join the military after graduating.”

Another Las Vegas teen, 16-year-old Ashari Hughes, died suddenly Jan. 5 after suffering a “medical emergency” while playing in a flag football game.

The Clark County Coroner later ruled Hughes’ death was due to a congenital heart defect related to an “anomalous origin of the right coronary artery from left coronary sinus of Valsalva,” KLAS reported.

The news station interviewed a local cardiologist who advised people, “no matter your age or health,” to get checked for congenital defects, coronary artery disease, electrical problems or “issues related to COVID-19.”

  • Lisa says:

    I wish they wouldn’t put out these stories unless they are going to tell us whether the person was vaccinated or not.

  • D says:

    There will be a lot of go fund me if you want to cover all of the covid deaths. Over 270 in sports alone in one year.

  • Becky says:

    Maybe stop pushing the vaccine on people and realize it’s more dangerous than the virus!

  • Russian says:

    Woman VOLUNTEERED to participate in Dr. Mengele (AKA fanuchi) experiments.
    And unlike jews in Auschwitz she was a FREE INDIVIDUAL. There was no SS Nazis forcing her to take A death-jab. So.. nothing to complain about.
    The most precious thing on earth is stupidity. Because you have to pay the most for it.
    HER FAULT. Personally, I refuse death-jab and didn’t wear muzzle (AKA “musk”). And I am ALIVE and WELL at MY 68 years of age.

  • ArkieGirl72638 says:

    Now the sheeple that stood in line to get the vaccines, like good little obedient robots are dropping dead at higher and higher rates with no previous cardiac history. The Dems are livid at those who still have the ability to think for themselves and saw the writing on the wall for what this really was. Americans being used as guinea pigs to see how well this vax works to eliminate the opposition. And they are using those who embraced them and their ideals first! Acceptable loss, as long as the Socialist Democratic Party can continue to line their pockets and prepare for the day when those free thinking and aging citizens who refuse to bend to their rule are gone and they can take over and make America a DICTATORSHIP! Trust me, it’s coming!

    We tried to warn them, but we were told to shut up with our conspiracy theories! Now they are mad at us for failing to make them refuse the vaccine. I have friends who are crying to me they are so scared they are going to just drop dead due to this vax. There is none so blind as he who will not see! Wonder how many coroners are being FORCED to conclude that a majority of these people had congenital heart defects that went undiagnosed for years. Are they or their families being threatened if they don’t follow the agenda? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least!

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