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Woman Collapses and Dies 15 Minutes After Booster Shot

Woman collapsed and died 15 minutes after receiving the booster shot.

Stephanie Foster shared her sad story on Facebook:

My beautiful Mother’s life was taken yesterday by the COVID BOOSTER SHOT! #COVID19 #covidawareness #gofundme #RIP #IMissYouMom

She was happy and perfectly healthy! Spent yesterday morning visiting me at my house up until her appointment time. She left for her appointment happy and energetic! She had No medical issues at all!!

My mom text me right after she got the shot to let me know she was waiting the 15 min and I text her back. It was right after then that they say “she dropped dead before she hit the floor” in shoppers drug mart!!!!! That is what the docs have told us.

This NEVER should have happened had they known what they were shooting into us!!! My Mom would still be here!!!

On Wednesday, a woman dropped dead at this Saskatoon Shoppers Drug Mart after her booster. A friend of mine witnessed it. Two days later, they are refusing to be honest with people about the potential harms. Please share, it could save someone’s life.

Her friends shared condolences amid hundreds of comments on the photo:

“Omg Steph! I’m so sorry to hear this! Send many hugs to you and the rest of the family”

“My heart hurts for you and your brother, I lost my mom almost 12 years ago. I know how you feel. Take comfort in knowing you have your very own guardian angel”

“I’m so heartbroken and angry over this. My thoughts and love are with you all.”

“So sorry for your loss. Of course they will not tell the truth about this untimely death. Hugs to you and your whole family. So very sad”

“That’s absolutely heartbreaking. I’m so sorry your beautiful mother’s life was taken away too soon. I hope there is accountability for this needless death! Give your brother a hug for me. Thinking of you both.”

  • marty says:

    The first innocent victims were conned. Anybody still getting the shots gets what they deserve.

  • SweetLadyMary says:

    Please people, do not take the jab if you value your life! This is not a vaccine. It changes your DNA and can cause death and injuries.

  • Dawn Clark says:

    This is not the first time I’ve heard someone died from the shot. My friend’s sister died from the vaccine. Just the other day I heard on the radio that a 17 year old girl died from getting the vaccine, and she was perfectly healthy. They just don’t want people to know that it is dangerous, because then people wouldn’t get the boosters and they wouldn’t make any money.



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