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Woman Claims to Have Epstein Blackmail Tapes Hidden in Europe

An alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein claimed in newly unsealed emails that she had copies of blackmail videos that the deceased financier took of his associates.

Sarah Ransome made the claims in emails that were unsealed on Monday alongside other documents connected to Virginia Giuffre’s 2015 lawsuit against former Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, as details about Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation continue to trickle out.

“When my friend had sexual intercourse with [redacted] and [redacted], sex tapes were in fact filmed on each occasion by Jeffrey,” the email claimed. “Thank God she managed to get ahold of some footage of the filmed sex tapes which clearly identify the faces of [redacted] and [redacted] having sexual intercourse with her. Frustratingly enough Epstein was not seen in any of the footage but he was clever like that.”

In the same email, she also claimed that her friend sent her the footage, which implicated the men who had allegedly had sex with her friend. Ransome, who released a book about her experience, said that she would be willing to testify in court over the videos’ validity.

“I will be more than willing to swear under oath and testify in court over these sex tapes,” she said. “It will break your heart into a million tiny pieces Maureen when you watch this footage.”

She added that she had backed up copies of the videos on USB sticks, which she had kept hidden at undisclosed locations throughout Europe. Ransome said that she told one individual where to find the evidence, “in case anything happens to me before the footage is released.”

She went on to claim that her friend had gone to the police and had been “humiliated” before a redacted entity “heavily intimidated her, roughed her up,” and made her promise secrecy. In the following paragraph, Ransome said her friend was “1000% certain that the FBI did a cover-up” and that a redacted name had threatened to kill her.

It is unclear when this email was written, but it appears to have been written to New York Post reporter Maureen Callahan. In other emails from October 2016 to Callahan, Ransome claims that she had reached out to Russian authorities to publicize her story, that the U.S. government refused to help her, that her fiancee’s life was in danger, and seemed to suggest that the CIA had hacked her emails.

However, in an October 23 email, she wrote back to Callahan claiming that she would “like to retract everything I have said to you and walk away from this.” She said she believed that it didn’t pay for her to come forward because bad things would happen to her. Her email concluded, “I wish you the best of luck on catching Epstein and company.”

Two other alleged victims of Epstein, Virginia Guiffre and Maria Farmer, have also made claims that the convicted sex criminal recorded videos of his wealthy friends having sex with girls he procured to have blackmail on them.

An FBI agent testified in December 2021 that police had found hard drives in a safe during a raid on Epstein’s Manhattan home in July 2019. It is unclear what was found on the hard drives.

Ransome has also claimed that she had been forced to have sex with high-profile lawyer Alan Dershowitz, a claim Dershowitz has vigorously denied. She dropped her lawsuit against the lawyer in November.

  • ron says:

    Well, what can you do when powerful people threaten you with bodily harm ? Where’s all the tapes from the Island ? Where’s HW Bush’s secretly recorded videos at the Washington sex parties ?

  • Stephen Webers says:

    Let’s just expose all of this NOW!! We need to cleanse this nation of all the sick,perverted people who we thought were good leaders or whathave you of our great nation. Get it ALL OUT!!! Perverts,Election Cheaters,Pedos,……

  • how many more years of democrat KKK destruction does the USA have to endure before some of the suggestions of law breakers turns into in your face evidence and trials for crimes ?????

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