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Woke Germany Stunned by Japan Comeback in Latest World Cup Shock

In an effort to prove their wokeness, Germany’s team at the World Cup posed for a photo before their match with Japan with their mouths covered after being told they could not wear “OneLove” anti-discrimination armbands.

Holding the World Cup in the predominately Muslim country of Qatar has resulted in a variety of cultural conflicts.

From banning alcohol sales at game venues, to comments by the Qatar World Cup Ambassador, to allegations of labor abuses, the international event is fraught with controversy.

FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, announced instructions to referees to issue yellow cards on any team captains who did not wear an officially approved captain’s armband effectively banning the “OneLove” armbands.

The German team reacted to this restriction by posing with their mouths covered.

The Daily Mail reports that German soccer fans are not impressed:

While Germany’s players looked to make a political statement off the pitch, fans have accused them of failing to make a statement on the pitch, as they fell to a shock 2-1 defeat by Japan soon after.

Many fans insist Hansi Flick’s men ‘deserved’ to lose for focusing ‘only on politics’, claiming they got ‘sidetracked’ in the process.

One fan wrote: ‘Germany deserved that for being so obsessed with rainbow armbands and politics.’

Another said: ‘Don’t get sidetracked by the ‘politics’ and just play your football. All these needless virtue signaling isn’t helping you win. Germany should’ve won this.’

  • John says:

    It’s hysterical let’s just sit back and watch all these Antichrist demons destroyed himself there’s six satanic pedophile loving pigs and may they all burn in hell on Earth before they burn for eternity in hell boycott all walked old scumbags and their scumbag Sports agencies let him fill their stands with trainees child molesters perverts rapist armed robbers Thug monkeys and murderers they belong in that agenda anyway may they all take their demonic money and overdose that would also help get rid of scum on Earth so the rest of the people can live in a normal Godly world free of these demons

  • Richard Hoyle says:

    First of all….you have to give the rocket scientists and brain surgeons who came up with the idea of holding a major world competition in sports (any sport) in a Muslim Country and not expecting any problems.

    Luckily hockey enthusiasts don’t drink alcohol or the Muslim ban on selling alcohol at the games would be a real bummer.

    And, as the German team is learning so quickly, your fans love you when you play football. The better you play it, the more they will love you. Start becoming an activist for social change….and your fans will turn on you and then away from you in a heartbeat.

    Football teams and football players play football. That is what they do and what they get paid for. They do NOT get paid to be WOKE or to become social agenda activists. Stick to doing what you do best and what you get paid to do…..or leave the game.

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