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Winter Storm Warning Issued for 8 States with ‘Heavy Snow’ Set to Hit

Winter storm warnings are in effect for eight states, with a massive storm set to bring heavy rain, wind and snow to the eastern United States.

The storm warnings are currently in effect for parts of Alaska, Idaho, New Hampshire, Viginia, New York, West Virginia, Vermont and Washington.

In its latest forecast, the National Weather Service (NWS) said that a low-pressure system “will continue dumping heavy rain onto the Washington and Oregon coasts” on Sunday while spreading snow across the northern Cascades and northern Rockies.

Meanwhile, the forecast says a “mid-latitude cyclone” is set to move through the Midwest and East Coast over the next couple of days, bringing thunderstorms and winter weather to the Central Appalachians and Northwest from Sunday night.

“Moderate to heavy snow will develop on the backside of this system as cold air flows into the interior Northeast and down the spine of the Northern/Central Appalachians tonight,” the forecast said. “Conditions should begin to improve Monday night into Tuesday morning.”


Winter storm warnings are in effect for East Turnagain Arm, Western Prince William Sound, Northeast Prince William Sound and Copper River Basin, with up to 36 inches of snow expected in some areas.

The NWS warns that the heaviest snow is expected on Sunday evening through Monday morning.


A winter storm warning remains in effect for the Central Panhandle Mountains until 4 a.m. PST on Monday. Snow accumulations of between 5 and 11 inches are forecast.

New Hampshire

Snowfall rates of up to 2 inches an hour are possible on Monday morning in northern Coos County, combining with low visibility to create dangerous driving conditions. The NWS has warned that power outages are possible due to the heavy snow.

New York

A warning is in effect for parts of northern New York until Monday evening, with total snow accumulations of up to 10 inches expected. A warning is also in effect for Ostego and Delaware counties, where total snow accumulations of between 6 and 10 inches are forecast.


Parts of central, northeast, northwest and southern Vermont are under a storm warning until Monday evening, with total snow accumulations of up to 12 inches expected, and up to 18 inches across the central and northern Green Mountains. Warnings are also in effect for Bennington County, where forecasters predict up to a foot of snow could fall, and western Windham County, where up to 10 inches of snow could fall.


Heavy snow is expected in the Blue Ridge mountains, with forecasters warning that the combination of snow and blowing snow will reduce visibility to below a half-mile at times.


A storm warning was issued for the Cascade mountains, as well as the valleys of Snohomish and King counties until 10 a.m. PST on Sunday, with heavy snow expected above 2,500 feet. A warning is also in effect for parts of Chelan County, with snow accumulations of up to 8 inches expected.

West Virginia

Up to 7 inches of snow is expected in southeast Webster, northwest Pocahontas and southeast Randolph counties, with a storm warning in effect until 1 p.m. EST on Monday. Heavy snow is also forecast for western Grant and western Pendleton counties, with up to 7 inches of snow expected above 3,000 feet.

  • dw says:

    It’s winter! Imagine that!

    • RP says:

      You beat me to it, was going to say the same thing. You haven’t lived through a rough winter till you lived through the winter of 77 – 78!!! That was ROUGH!

      • Tamirose170 says:

        Buffalo NY 1977, then again 1985 when folks walked out of bars & got lost – they were watching the Super Bowl game at places that were airing the game; were blinded by the volume of snow that had fallen & wind and found a day later frozen or dead……then again last Christmas when 25+ died. How would ANY of these States survive with EV and zero use of fossil fuels? I survived 2 of those and will never forget, as I sit here in shorts in Florida now.

        Gotta laugh at the title – “Eastern USA” and then they talk about Alaska, State of Washington and Idaho – – what map of America were these journalists taught on?

      • Auntie Vyris® says:

        Where? ‘Cuz Winter 2008-09 here in NoIdaho dumped more snow all at once than I’d ever seen, and I lived in Anchorage for 25 years. Snowed 24/7 for two weeks straight. Couldn’t believe it. 35 miles of I-90 was down to two lanes at 35mph.

        Wish we had John Kerry then. He would have saved us.

      • Louis Galmarini says:

        In Ohio, the winter of ’76-’77 was the coldest on record, (43 days below 32 degrees, 29 below zero). The winter of ’77-78 was the snowiest.

    • Auntie Vyris® says:

      Yes but imagine how bad winter would be if we didn’t have John Kerry on the job! He saves lives!

  • Patriot Gal says:

    Are these more geo-engineered weather storms???

  • John Grychak says:


  • Louis Galmarini says:

    Except for Alaska, I don’t see anything remarkable here. The snowfall amounts given for each of the other states, (all under 10 inches), is normal.



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