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Wife of Trump Ally Indicted in Georgia Receives Letter in Mail: ‘This Is Not Going to End Well’

One of the Georgia residents indicted along with former President Donald Trump last week says his wife received a troubling letter by mail.

In a social media post, David Shafer, a former chair of the Georgia Republican Party, showed an image of a letter that contained a photo of Phillips State Prison in Buford, Georgia.

The letter bore the hand-written legend, “David’s Retirement Home.”

Underneath the photo was written, “Lee, Get Out Now And Run As Fast As You Can. This Is Not Going To End Well for David.”

In a message along with the photo Shafer wrote, “The individual who mailed this to my wife almost certainly has ‘Be Kind’ in their Twitter profile and ‘Coexist’ on their car bumper.”

“Grateful to everyone who has reached out to encourage me. I have never once felt alone,” he posted in response to a posting that said a fundraising account had been set up to help him.

Many on social media supported Shafer, who made his mug shot after his arrest into his profile photo on X. “Democrats are out of control,” one poster wrote.

Shafer faces eight counts against him including impersonating a public officer, forgery, false statements and attempting to file false documents, according to The Hill.

He was accused of helping organize a meeting at which he and 15 other people signed documents saying they were the true electors who should represent the state.

Shafer has filed to have his case moved to federal court, according to WANF-TV.

“Mr. Shafer and the other Republican Electors in the 2020 election acted at the direction of the incumbent President and other federal officials,” the filing said.

  • Chasbo says:

    AOC’s hate mail can’t be printed or shown here…..and there’s just too much…but I imagine your readers think she deserves all the hate she gets

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