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Why the Nashville Christian School Shooting Is About to Disappear from the News Cycle

Julio has been covering the tragedy in Nashville, Tennessee. Six people, three children, and three adult staffers, were shot and killed at the Covenant School, a private Christian learning institution.

Anti-gun activists hijacked a press conference on the incident earlier today. The Biden White House will probably push the usual talking points about banning so-called assault weapons, which will be echoed by their allies on the gun control issue.

Unlike the shootings at Michigan State University and East High School in Denver, Colorado, this perpetrator had a handgun and two AR-15-style rifles.

You can already hear the anti-gun Left licking their lips—now they had a chance to score some points. Except they can’t, Audrey Hale was identified as the shooter, and this person was transgender. Hale was shot and killed by police during the assault.

As Julio wrote, there is a manifesto and maps of potential targets. This shooter planned this attack, and given the setting; a hate crime cannot be ruled out. The lingering question will remain unresolved since a transgender mass shooter is one story the media will avoid like the plague. Authorities said they have a working theory on a motive but are unwilling to disclose it at this time (via NBC News):

The shooter, Audrey Hale, 28, of Nashville, identified as transgender and had no previous criminal record, according to the chief.

Drake said his investigators are working on a possible motive but he declined to reveal that on Monday afternoon.

“There’s right now a theory that we may be able to talk about later but it’s not confirmed,” the chief said.

Asked specifically if Hale’s identity could have factored into the killer’s motive, Drake said: “There is some theory to that, we’re investigating all the leads.”

Hale was heavily armed, according to the chief, who said the shooter had two AR-style weapons and a handgun.

Two of those three weapons were legally obtained in the Nashville area, the police chief added.

Hale was confronted by five officers and two of them opened fire, killing the attacker, authorities said.

The shooters at MSU and East High School were black. This one was transgender. The shelf life of this heinous school shooting isn’t going to last past the week for reasons you already know: the past string of mass shootings does not fit the liberal media narrative. When the weapon of choice isn’t an AR-15 rifle, the clock to expiration starts ticking. When members of a community the media loathes to expound upon when they’re the prime suspects in crimes, especially violent ones, the timeline to move on to the next subject is accelerated immensely.

As I’m writing this, CNN’s Erin Burnett is already moved on how Ukrainians are running out of weapons again, so that’s a gauge of how other networks might respond to this shooting. Nashville police now say “resentment” might have fueled the shooter’s desire to commit this act of violence. Authorities said Hale was down fourteen minutes after the emergency call.

  • David Veselenak says:

    I say divide the country, Mississipi River being the MDL and let’s see which faction prospers! The bereft Left wouldn’t last a year!

  • Not a fan of commies joe says:

    Ohh! Ohh! I know why the fake media is going yo avoid this story! Because the shooter is a trans gender he/him who used to be a she/her and a radical leftist Ha! They don’t want the truth to come out the cowards! Let’s go commie joe!

  • Quasimodo 2020 says:

    They always hone in on the guns but never on the fact that is staring them in the face. 99% of the mass shooters are millennial and gen z people! This clearly shows me that any and all legislation pushed should point at those 2 generations. Baby boomers did not shoot up schools and clubs, gen x did not shoot up bars, clubs, schools and malls, albeit there were a couple incedents during the 90s involving gen x’rs but millennials and gen z’rs are the kings of wholesale murder. The 2 generations that had everything handed to them and led the easiest lives in history are the ones with the most psychopaths. I personally blame it on big pharma and all the ritalin and drugs of the likes that were fed to kids in the 90s because their gen x parents did not have the time to be parents and teachers couldn’t deal with them. Yes I believe it is a side effect of doctor perscribed drugs what else can it be blamed on.



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